Sunday, August 07, 2005

What A Mess

AP - My Way News
Netanyahu Quits Over Israeli Gaza Pullout

This is going to be nasty but probably necessary. Netanyahu is probably right that without an Israeli presence it will become nothing more than a staging area for daily attacks into Israel.

I think what will happen and the message the world ought to take is this:

The Israelis will withdraw and Gaza becomes a mosh-pit for rival 'militants' and will turn it into a cesspool of violence, something beyond third-world.

Should that occur the lesson the world ought to take from it is that the palestinians are incapable of governing themselves. With the umbilical cut to the Jewish economy it will wither into chaos.

If you are a Keyhole subscriber or have Google Earth installed go to Gaza and notice the development on the Jewish side and the lack of it on the Gaza side.

Then we'll give them another $3 Billion in US aid. That's the umbilical that needs to be cut! What have we gotten for the money we've already thrown down that abyss? Hatred for trying to help.

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