Sunday, March 08, 2015

Free speech on campus

   I work as a programmer at a small university.  As a conservative I have made the observation that I have been dropped behind enemy lines. I was recently surprised to find out that a professor in the education department is also a conservative and she also feels a certain fear of expressing her views for the very reasons Condell outlines in this video.  Our jobs can even be endangered should push come to shove and we stand our ground. We would be labeled as bigots and anti-inclusive by the leftist bigots.

  I have often wondered how in the world could an advanced people as the Germans could have ever been subdued by the banality of low-intellect evil-minded thugs of the Nazi party. It is because it is a slow rot that becomes ingrained in a society through populist appeal to the ignorant of a society who out-number those who are cogent enough to realize what is happening. I see this same phenomena happening in America. For instance, this 'hands up, don't shoot' is based on something that never happened yet takes flight in a society of low-intellect with the intent of opening old wounds for the benefit of the control-freaks in need of satiating their urges for power and relevance.

Saturday, March 07, 2015