Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mosul Meth Lab?

My Way News
U.S. military finds chemical site in Iraq

"The U.S. military has found many suspected chemical sites in the past, none of which contained chemical or biological weapons, The Associated Press reported, adding that testing can take several days."

They found the sites but not the weapons. Hummmm, the idea AP is apt to promote has been 'Saddam had no WMD'. That's like saying we found the parking garage but no cars. Therefore there were never any cars disregarding the obvious possibility that maybe they were driven away.

Note this is in Mosul, same place the two 'WMD Winnebagos' were found. Also note Mosul is not far from the Ansar al-Islam base of operations in Biyarah, 200 miles or so. Further recall that the leader of Ansar al-Islam, Zarqawi The Barbarian, majored in ad hoc preparation of Ricin at Terror U, an accredited independent branch of Saddam's Terror Inc.

What? Oh pardon me... I forgot 'We ALL KNOW' there was no connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam. Whooops silly knuckle-dragger me.

How about this; it is a Meth lab for jihadi motivation perhaps? Nothing like tweaking your brain before the big meeting with Allah and issuance of a supply of virgins. About those 72 virgins, what's a guy going to do after the third day in paradise after he's gone through his supply?

Meth or Ricin, Meth or Ricin.... I believe I'll go with Ricin. Should that be so, the lesson we should take from it is that some biological or chemical weapons don't require large production facilities nor does the end-product require warehouses. The death of thousands can be carried in a backpack.

The logic that says that because we haven't found these end-products they therefore never existed is feebly naive at best or politically dishonest at worst. We still haven't found Jimmy Hoffa so therefore he never existed. For the longest time Hillary couldn't find the Rose law firm files in her personal residence. And for a while they indeed practically never existed.

Neural fodder:

JINSA Online
Suspected Mobile Bio-Weapons Labs Discovered in Iraq

CBS News
Lab Are Best US WMD Evidence - May 29, 2003

Is this one of Saddam's mobile bio-weapons labs?


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