Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nothing in Particular

This is a post about nothing really. I just thought I'd post a funny memory I always get a chuckle out of. Of course it has a political aspect being another personal observation of the total dissconnect of the liberal mind.

I needed a car repair and took it to a little place not too far from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. This was my old romping grounds and as I had about an hour to kill while the car was repaired I decided to have a brunch at this little greasy spoon a few blocks away.

This is one of those places you often find in a campus town where the decor is basically utilitarian but the food has them lining up out the door. In this particular place it is not unusual to see mechanics, lawyers, students and professors eating there.

Being alone I sat at the counter right behind the cook. It is a small place. So I could hear the cafe crew's conversations. Directly over my left shoulder were a couple and from their conversation and age I'd figure they were graduate students at OU. Eventually I overheard them discussing the 2004 election which was still six months away. So from the chanting of the liberal mantras I could discern their political leanings.

When their food was delivered I heard the young lady say that she specifically did not want meat ( the little sausages ) with her eggs. Even wanted it on a new plate because the meat had left grease spots. I am chuckling because when the waitress brought it to the cook I saw the look on his face. And indeed the food was delivered as required on a new plate.

So here's what I am thinking; these are grownups, educated grown-ups, even if they are liberal-arts majors they should know a bit about fundamental body chemistry, embryo development that sort of thing. I mean, eggs are future chickens? Chickens are made out of meat. When you eat an egg you are eating meat-in-training !

well anyway... I thought it was funny.....

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