Saturday, August 13, 2005

In The Meantime... One Year Too Late:

Free Republic
Winter Soldier film -- 5 stars from

Gee, sure would liked to have seen this last year about this time.

Once again the left tries to equate Vietnam and Iraq. It just isn't working guys. You simply don't have all the ingredients to bake that cake. Namely, a Democrat President in charge. A Republican inherited it and put an end to it.

The logical fallacy at the core of their 'thinking' is the 'emotive appeal' to the rising death toll in Iraq. So ok, I'll play on that court.

If the degree of indignation is the human toll then what about the number of people murdered in Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. for the same period of time? With much of this being gang related it is not hard to imagine that all a gang like MS-13, with its 13,000 'members', need do is go 'militant' in Boston, LA, Houston, Dallas... inspiring islamic militants in Herdon, Va, Patterson, NJ or Detroit to join in the fray. Then reality will finally hit home. That is an imminent threat.

Now if they want to get indignant then there's where they should focus their energies first.


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IOpian said...

I get a kick out of these people's mentality. Why the hell would I buy something off a such a lowlife?

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