Sunday, August 14, 2005

Holding Unions Accountable

BA clearing backlog of passengers

The article contains these statements:

"About 70,000 passengers were affected by the strike in sympathy with 670 workers sacked on Wednesday by catering company Gourmet Gate that supplies BA"

"The union has admitted the BA workers' strike was illegal, and called on members to return. "

"The airline said the possibility of legal action against the TGWU for failing to prevent the strike was "not being discussed at the moment".

First, note the second quote. In reality it was the TGWU workers' strike not the BA workers'.

For the sake of 670 people the union said to hell with 70,000 passengers and committed an illegal strike.

I believe the passengers ought to file a class-action suit against the TGWU. Those 70,000 passengers also had jobs and commitments that were disrupted for the sake of 670 terminated employees.

They live in Britain for pete's sake, if the immans can rake in a living there doing nothing why can't these 670 ?

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