Saturday, October 01, 2011

Moments of Malaise - version 2.0

"President Barack Obama on Thursday said the U.S. has lost some of its competitive edge and gotten a 'little soft'.”

Buck Up!  Keep Hope Alive!
It Could Be Worse.
( Though not likely)



Clinton wants more credit?

The amazing thing here is proof that he actually knows the reality and has been talking around it for years in an attempt to support the false narrative that he should get credit for the surplus at the end of his term when he happened to be warming the seat in the Oval Office.

In this article he refers to the reality as a Republican narrative. The fact is he does not credit the dotcom boom that supplied unanticipated revenues helping to balance the federal budget along with pressure from a Republican controlled Congress that kept his urges to spend in check. Remember the shutdown? Remember Hillarycare? Remember how the Congress critters wanted to blow the surplus on their favorite pet projects and how upset they were when Bush proposed giving it back to the people. To this day they still blame this move as triggering all of our current ailments.