Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Years Later


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hostage Crisis

CBS Iranian Hostage Release-CBS Evening News, 1/20/1981

Today we have a repeat of history. The exception is that the regime holding the 19 hostages were supported by Democrats and the Obama Administration. So what will be done about it?

1. Democrats have little in the way of popular policy achievements to run on and are having to dig deep to come up with monumental successes.

A. They echo the meme that it was Obama that got Bin Laden. It is more accurate to say that he was President when the decades long effort of our security apparatus and the diligent training of our military forces were ready to act when the target presented itself. The democrats call the no-brained decision to kill Bin Laden a gutsy call.

B. Our Seal Team was able to rescue two hostages from Somalia and credit is given, once again, to Obama.

C. He is given credit for ending the war in Iraq when he had nothing to do with the agreement on the withdrawal date ratified before he ever took office.

Obama also faces the stigma of being compared to Jimmy Carter. A hostage crisis now, with this build up as a great and decisive military leader may now come back to haunt him and his zealot followers. So what does he do?

A. Egypt isn't Somalia. It is a large country with a fairly established social order. Dropping in and snatching nineteen hostages from the Egyptian military would actually be a gutsy call given the tentative nature of our relations with an unstable government. The failure of a Carter rescue attempt would weigh heavily in a re-election year.

B. He can't do nothing until after the election so he has to act.

C. Diplomacy may work especially if Egypt needs funding. But that takes time.

D. Every day this goes on will only enhance the Obama/Carter comparison.

E. After thirty three years this President stills thinks negotiation is the correct path to reign in Iranian nuclear ambitions. This notion borders on absurdity and naivete.

What's a small man to do? Blame the Seals if a rescue mission fails. Blame Bush, the Congress?

Mr. Obama, you need to live up to your followers delusions.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It Isn't Illegal When The President Does It.

Ted Olson in the Wall Street Journal: Obama's Enemies List