Friday, July 31, 2009

August? Who Said August?

Congress is blaming the beltway press for this artificial August deadline for this disastrous Health Care scheme.

I have heard it said that the further back one can remember the more intelligent one tends to be. So how bright must one be that can't remember several weeks back?

Now where in the world did anyone get this idea of a deadline ? Of course failure to meet this deadline was the Republican's fault, not the fact that the Democrats can't play nice with each other.

Folks they think you're stupid. If you believe them then you too are stupid.

How To Hush A Tattle-Tale

How it is done in Venezuela.

How it is done in the US.

Though we may be a bit behind Venezuela the left-wing is working furiously to catch up.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bring it on Girlie Boys

It is commonly known to not mess with Texas... well it isn't such a good idea to mess with Okies either. We may lose but we won't back down from the fight when someone tries to push us around.

I am all too aware of what others think of us. Reflecting upon our detractors only makes me appreciate what we aren't.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Slogan

Just thought up an anti-health nazi slogan:

Freedom of CHOICE for doctors that KILL.

No Freedom of CHOICE for doctors that HEAL.

Man... liberal logic makes my brain hurt...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shovel Ready Project

Gates ..........Now he needs to learn when to stop digging.

Justice in Room 101

I have read a couple of articles lately about rats and babies. I won't look for links because to reread them only starts to heat the rage again. In one article an infant bled to death from rat bites in her crib. Parents heard nothing did nothing. In another case the teenage parents and a friend let a rat chew of the toes of an infant apparently for their entertainment. Hopefully when people hear someone like fat a senator or idiot representative talk about why we shouldn't stomping a mud hole in our enemies, that behead people or beat women and children, the response is usually that we are better people than that. Yeah right. Ask that toe-less infant.

I become so enraged I start thinking oh that something should happen like that within my reach. I could get a lot of internal rage off my chest. I have visions of a young man's idiot drug-induced giggling, as the rat consumes eat toe, turning into a low mushy gurgle as the bones of his jaw crush severing many nerves and vessels and pop of detaching joints until his screams of agony drowned out the infants. Then I find myself contemplating whether to use my palm to drive his broken nose bone up into his brain relieving the world of one more malfunctioning unit. Then reaching into both corners of his friends mouth and ripping him a permanent smile or frown depending on the way the skin tears. But then I get a spiritual tap on the shoulder, let it go brother, he'll be taken care of in due course.

Now the Bible says an eye for an eye and Jesus used a common phrase of the day to make his point to do unto others as you would have them do to you. But combining the two might be another kind of justice. Do unto others as they have done to others before they do it to others again.

A just punishment might be suggested in a little scene from 1984 when Winston faces his ultimate fears in Room 101 - Rats. In my mind this would be the way to punish people that allow rats to eat on their infants.

Dear Lord, you know I rarely bother you for my petty needs nor do I ask publicly in those times I do need your guidance but I am just asking this one time on behave of others... please send an asteroid big enough to wipe this filth called Man from your creation before it spreads any further.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

NK Jailed Journalists

Foxnews: North Korean Labor Camps 'Brutal,' but Are Jailed U.S. Journalists There?

Here would be my proposal: Release them immediately without condition. Failure to do so will result in the eventual assassination of every one of your heirs and your father's dynasty will forever be purged from the Earth.

Then catch one his boys partying in Japan, have the some agency take a photo of him. Send the photo back to little Kim with the message.. maybe next time?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Strawmen of the Left

I was up early this morning doing my coffee and news hour and I ran across a couple of articles that got me thinking about how the leftist mind loves to build straw men arguments about Republicans and their views. There was an article in the Washington Post by Barbara Boxer and John Kerry attacking Palin's suggestion that perhaps if dependence on foreign oil is a problem then why are we not talking about dependence on domestic oil. Instead of even touching that subject Babs veers off on solutions based on the holy grail of clean energy to avert an imaginary global disaster of climate change. You know, just when you think you have climate cornered it goes and changes on you. They condemn anyone opposing their childish fantasies as being a real-world solution must be in the pocket of Big Oil.

Then while checking out Neal Boortz there was a video of Montel Williams saying that Republican's would rather shoot poor people than provide them health care. In the comments a master straw man maker enlightened everyone with the observation that Republicans never want to give money back to the people, guess he missed where that surplus went and then made the keen observation that all they want to do is enhance Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

So as I shook my head in remorse for the condition of our educational system a vision came into my mind... one of John Kerry and Babs attempting intellectualism and those that actually think they are smart.... an anthem for liberalism and the straw men they build.... fortuantely it already exists:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Is An Idiot...

...and if you believe him then you are one too.

This logic is so disjointed I am having problems getting from A to B. It is the Obama show once again tonight. Would have been prime time but we are more interested in Susan Boyle so he was bumped an hour. But his signature line is going to be:
Obama says it's not about him. "I have great health insurance and so does every member of Congress,"
This is about you dumbass but not about your health insurance. This is about whether some narcissistic, smooth-talking, simple-minded thug and his leagues of like-minded minions are going to be allowed to destroy an already ailing economy. Controlling the cost of health care- Yes. Do it now? Not in such a large chunk we choke. But let's apply some of the 'Smart' to legislation. Nowhere have I heard any mention of tort reform. Should someone like John Edwards become a multi-millionaire at the expense of driving up the cost of malpractice insurance. Is that his contribution to health care? Perhaps curtailing lawsuits against pharmacuetical companies might reduce the cost. Enforcing our laws and deporting illegal aliens would provide a huge relief to the costs. So do these things that can be achieved first in little steps. Then gauge what more can be done. Another you might try is reducing the tax burden so the real job creators can get busy elevating those willing to work to a point where they can buy their own healthcare from the many private choices out there. To claim to be giving people more choices... that's an outright misrepresentation of reality.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Most Expensive US Disasters

12. Hurricane Frances 2004 $1.9 billion
11. Hurricane Charley 2004 $2 billion
10. Hurricane Wilma 2005 $2.2 billion
09. Loma Prieta Earthquake 1989 $2.5 billion
08. Hurricane Ivan 2004 $2.6 billion
07. Hurricane Andrew 1992 $2.7 billion
06. Hurricane Georges 1998 $2.8 billion
05. Hurricane Rita 2005 $4.0 billion
04. Northridge Earthquake 1995 $9.5 billion
03. Hurricane Ike 2008 $6-$18 billion
02. Hurricane Katrina 2005 $31.3 billion
01. Hurricane Obampelosireid, 2006 to present,$23,000.0 billion

Another list of disasters.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Affirmative Action In Action

Fearing a display of limp-wristed nancy-boy imagery the white house image makers made sure that reality wouldn't be projected at the All Stars game. First they must have strong-armed FOX or the photographer had a man-crush thing going so Obama was presented from a low-angle giving the majestic image of a god at play. Missing was where the ball landed. Then this video came out today showing where the ball landed:

The catcher has taken the affirmative action stance and moved up over the plate to assure the ball, coming up short, would not bonce in the dirt. If the Obama can't deliver all the way then shorten 'all the way'. The basic tenet of affirmative action.

Unfortunately white Republicans are not given such consideration. Instead they are forced to deliver under a lot of pressure ( being killed ), all the way with the added handicap of the weight of a bulletproof vest. And do they deliver:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Only In Government

OK.... let's say I am unemployed and can't make my mortgage payment. This government plan will instead let me pay rent. ?????? How the hell can I pay rent if I can't pay my mortgage !!!! ?

Energy Independence

There is no reason we should not be energy independent. The only reason we are not is human stupidity. You know if common sense is allowed to prevail then oil is almost a renewable resource if we have centuries of reserves. Hopefully in 100 years technologies will have advanced. But first you have to allow drilling exploration.

Encouraging Words For Palin

Palin should be encouraged. Bob Shrum has declared she will not be the 2012 Republican candidtate. Shrum knows how to pick them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Honduran Coup Attempt Indeed

An interesting article from WSJ. There was indeed a coup attempt in Honduras... by Zelaya. But I can understand why Obama sided with Zelaya. Apparently there is a branch office of ACORN somewhere in Honduras:
A week later some 100 agitators, wielding machetes, descended on the attorney general's office. "We have come to defend this country's second founding," the group's leader reportedly said. "If we are denied it, we will resort to national insurrection."

Sort of the same tactics that helped get Obama elected and continue to demand acceptance of his policies.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feels Good To Be Loved By The World Now

Found this at Free Republic by poster Pattifab

Of Course I am sure everyone is aware that Obama took a trip to Russia:

After Russia and Italy he sought glorification in Ghana as a son of the continent:

I noticed the reaction from the anchor that she would not go along with the attempted deification of the anchor's master. The truth to them is like a slap to their face especially if Bush is mentioned.

The halo is fading fast. His Awesomeness just got schooled by the Russians and made to look like a novice... because... well he is.

Send In The Diversion

AG Holder is contemplating a probe of Bush administration 'crimes'. Notice how this Newsweek article goes to great lengths to set up the context that this isn't the President's idea. Yeah right.

Here's my take on it. Obama's numbers are slipping due to the amount of public discourse that is going on about his socialization of the medical industry. The Grand Boondoggle. He needs to get the public talking about something else so he can use his political slight of hand to get a vote on this by August while the chattering classes are distracted.

The Justice department has no interest investigating things like the illegal firing of an IG for exposing the graft of one of the President's henchmen or prosecuting two New Black Panthers who were clearly intimidating voters. But now something has qualified as a crime so heinious that justice demands an investigation. It just might be possible that the Bush administration devised and approved scaring the hell out of three terrorists that planned and executed the murder of 2,700 innocent citizens who did nothing more than show up to work one day. This cannot stand. That is the front story, the facade of honorable intent spoonfed to the masses.

Most likely, the reality is that the Obamanoids need to put a hold on their master's sinking approval numbers and slipping support for his socialistic policies. Additionally their comrade over at the House has been cornered by her abysmal stupidity and pathological lying about the CIA and what she really knew about the 'torture' of these terrorists. They need a diversion and in such a manner that their master's fingerprints cannot be found on this affair. So when trapped by their own folly they have only one way out, play the Bush/Cheney card. Given the history of these Chicago gangsters it is almost laughable when they accuse Bush or Cheney of anything near criminal. In eight months they have conducted more unethical, possibly illegal, activities and lied far more than anything Bush could have done in his entire eight years.

That's where we are at, another shovel ready project and a lot of bullshit from these gangsters is about to flung to bury the truth.

Truth and Justice the Chicago way.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palin Walks Against The Beltway

This is my favorite scene from Midnight Express. It is the point in the film where Billy decides he is not going to be like the others and either give into insanity or waste away in prison.

This scene is something of an allegory to the way the Washington punditry dismissed Palin's resignation as political suicide. In their expert opinion, many being henchmen for past failed candidates, she lacks judgement. I have heard one actually say this isn't the way things are done. They cling to the status quo of the Beltway of doing things.

Let Us Review.

In order to know where you are going you need to know where you are. In order to know where you are you need to know where you were.

In the past Dr. King delivered his vision of a future: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Sorry Dr. King... they apparently love to elevate you as an icon but have failed miserably to live up to your ideals. Where we are heading does not look too promising.

Lil Kim's Hackers

Looks like Lil' Kim had launched a cyber war on the United States and South Korea. Interesting. They are still hacking around the State Department. Maybe they can find Barry's passports. If they can hack into such large governmental entities I kind of hope they take a shot at lesser systems likes the servers at Columbia University and Harvard, for the Sotero transcripts, perhaps even see if they can find an electronic version of Barry's birth certificate out in Hawaii. Who knows, Kim may find documents that can persuade Barry to be more amiable towards his nuclear program.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Independence Day

Doesn't get any better than this...

The American Remus and Romulus

July 4, 1826

Kind of a coincidence they died on the 50th anniversary of the founding and there are now 50 states.

Thoughts on Palin

There is much speculation today about the motivation for Sarah Palin's resignation. The pundits on the left are of course salivating at the possibility that she is resigning on a Friday before a holiday because of looming scandal. Those leftist pundits so like sucking stains out of dirty laundry. Another popular idea is that she is beginning her run for the Presidency. She's in debt from the personal destruction attacks from the leftist political cabal. As a private citizen she will have unrestricted earning potential as well as the ability to build a power base.

The one thing I have not heard anyone address is the possibility of giving voice to the TEA Party movement. She says the things these people are saying. She is repulsed by the same politics-as-usual that this movement objects to at its core. She has the potential to become the voice of the silent majority.

There is no doubt that having been in office for only six months Obama has things so screwed up by 2012 there should be plenty angles on his record to attack. Of course that assumes he hasn't been impeached by then.