Thursday, August 11, 2005

Symbolism over Substance

Hamas Prepares a Celebration

Note this line:
"With the blood of our martyrs we kicked the enemies out..."

That is about as far from the truth as one can get. The IDF could come in there at any time and make a parking lot of the place. That's reality. Only world opinion has kept it from happening.

As soon as the Israelis are gone the place will plunge into chaos as Hamas and FATAH struggle for control. Far beyond the reasoning ability of the leadership of Hamas is the concept that if you want to build a country you need foreign investment. Who in their right mind would put a business investment into the hands of people that hold power by killing their adversaries?

So Uncle Sucker gives them a couple of billion for infrastructure. Do you think they are going to contract American firms to do the work? No the money will go to France or the pockets of the international clearinghouse for terrorist financing.

This is along the lines of a previous post on this blog:
al-Sadr the little dog that could

My Way News - Hamas Leaders Vow To Fight After Pullout

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