Sunday, August 21, 2005

Chris Matthews - Poltical Hack

Hardball with Chris Matthews
Bush's war without end?

How about a big dose of 'intellectual' dishonesty.
Note: I'm no fan of Pat Buchanan either.

Some samples:

It's Bush's War but when referring to Vietnam why isn't it Kennedy's War or Johnson's War?

""The mother of an earlier casualty, Cindy Sheehan, has become a symbol of protest against a war we were led and lied into by neo-cons who have sent other people's sons and daughters off to war."

What lie ? Oh the WMD that many members of the Clinton administration had told us he had including Clinton holdover George Tenet. Amazing the effect an election has on the truth.

"Other people's sons and daughters" is a purely emotive technique. Who else goes to war but someone's son or daughter?

Concerning lies, what about the Gulf of Tonkin incident? He didn't mention that did he? Why not?

"Well, the first casualty of war is not a political party; human beings, including too many young Americans, died in Vietnam and are dying today in Iraq."

Note a post I have down the page called Fallujah, California. Adjusting for population in the same period of time, 8,883 would have been murdered in Los Angeles compared to the 1,850 lost in Iraq.

Too many people are dying in Los Angeles, one large city among many in our country.

Again "too many"is purely emotive in intent. Historically the casualties in Iraq are very low compared to other wars. The battle for Iwo Jima alone cost us 7,000 in the period of several weeks for a little island in the middle of nowhere.

Democrats want so badly for Iraq to become Vietnam so they can feel vindicated for being wrong about everything else concerning Iraq and the war against Islamic radicalism.

As to the question of the next Presidential election, being an independent, I am getting a little tired of the tripe coming from the mouths of leftist such as Matthews who put their political game of gotcha above defense of our country, coming just short of giving aid and comfort to our adversaries by disparaging the Commander-in-Chief. I'm going to hold them accountable for any failures in Iraq and use the only tool I have, my vote, to express my disgust with their behavior.

Matthews, get a clue pal.


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