Wednesday, August 10, 2005

enAble Danger? - The 21st Hijacker?

I am not a legal expert but I do know that if I assist a felon in the commission of a felony then I am considered just as guilty as the perpetrator. I also know that I can commit a crime unintentionally by negligence. To me, this means not taking preventive measures with those things under my control that pose a potential threat to others.

You decide. Post number 6 has a good summary of the issue:
NYP via Free Republic:
'POST-IT' BLUNDER - Spies forced to 'cover up' Atta

Here's another post from when the issue was hot:
Gorelick Memo Exposes 'Feckless' Clinton Policy

Some observations:

We had more than one chance to get Bin Laden pre-9/11.
Why didn't we? Lawyers.
We had a chance to get 4 of the 19 hijackers.
Why didn't we? Lawyers.
Just who in the hell was running this country ?
Lawyers from Arkansas.
Why did Gorelick erect this wall between agencies?
Lawyers and legal considerations.

Perhaps we should send these lawyers to Afghanistan to hone their terror fighting skills.

This is a vestige of the Kennedy assassinations, Vietnam, Racial Rights conspiratorial mentality instilled in the children of the sixties. The 'Question Authority' generation. From this we get this phobia of the 'Military/Industrial Complex' and a wall was built by these do-gooders. Gorelick's Maginot Line except this time the enemy didn't go around it but right through the gate Gorelick opened for them.

And here's what really irks me:
Judith Miller sits in prison for not revealing the sources of an article she never published. Karl Rove and Scooter Libby are hounded by the institutional media concerning the leaking of classified data. On the remote chance it is true they are going to prison by popular demand.

This whole affair comes down to an employee in the CIA having a political axe to grind with GWB and in her capacity sent a lackey, her husband, to Niger to disprove an assertion made by the British and mentioned by Bush in the SOTU speech concerning Iraq's WMD program. From this came the 'Bush Lied' strain of moonbatery. The lackey husband writes a pre-election book about his experience and ends up a  proven liar.

And for what it's worth my money says it was Wilson himself that outted his wife to David Korn. But it is Judith Miller who sits in prison.

While back at the 'Good Ol Boys Club':
Sandy Berger STEALS and DESTROYS classified documents from the NATIONAL ARCHIVES; documents that were contemporary and contextually related to an ongoing Senate investigation and now the Able Danger revelations and just gets probation! Not only that, he gets his top secret clearance suspended instead of revoked. In three years he can come back and finish his sanitization mission.

So who has really lied?

Something smells to the high heavens here and people need to be held to account with more than probation. Incompetence needs to be revealed, careers need to be ruined, charges filed, maximum sentences administered and orange jumpsuits issued.

And I'll guarantee you that in 2008 the Democrats will push the 'need for a change' or 'take back America' and run Hillary who has a good chance to win. We will turn right around and re-install the same pie-in-the-sky political mentality that failed to recognize the threat then and to this day still is in denial that we are in a war that started in 1998 when the enemy declared war on us.

BTW; Note to Nancy Pelosi: THIS IS NOT A WAR OF CHOICE. If you can't deal with that then for the sake of all of us move over and let people of ability and reason lead.

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