Thursday, August 18, 2005

BTK - Punk-O-Rammer

A quick thought about the BTK killer sentencing.

I caught parts of the families' statements today and I have to admit they were all far more dignified than I could have been. I just think if I was in their postion I would be standing at the mike calculating whether I could suddenly lunge over the banister and rip that smug look off his face before they could subdue me.

Here's what justice for this waste of otherwise good chemicals would be for me. He destroyed lives, families, hopes and dreams so he could get his rocks off. So I believe life for him is far better than the death penalty where he would be segregated on death row.

I believe he should have to reside in the general population where he is among those like him, people that are willing to bind and torture just to blow their loads in his face and up other various orifices. Punk that smile off his face. Give him the attention he craves and a chance to understand the primal fear his victims felt.

Wouldn't be long before they pulled a Dahmer on him.

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