Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cognitive Dissonance: NPR, Obama & Equality

   Listening to NPR on the way to work the day after the inauguration of the worst President in my life time and that covers from Eisenhower up to the present. As expected they were giddy having just finished a piece on whether he should be on Mt. Rushmore. They focused on the part of his speech where he equated gay rights with the civil rights struggle.

   The centerpiece of this argument was the President basing his words on the founding document that All Men Are Created Equal. This is a proposition that people have no say in their skin color or sexual preferences. That we are ALL created equal. Not BORN equal, CREATED equal with natural rights of being. I agree with that. Equal means equal. If we're going to talk it then we need to walk it. Dr. King and JFK both took this position. This country must strive to fulfill those tenets of the original contract.

The next piece was a celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.

   The irony of the cognitive dissonance of the Left is deliriously laughable. Are these people capable of assessing their own dysfunction?

   Apparently the only people that are not CREATED equal are the unborn. Their rights of equality under the law, their rights to life can be taken without due process, their right to an advocate to defend them simply does not exist in these feeble minded people. They can be exterminated using cruel and unusual punishments for the mistakes of other simply for being CREATED at an inconvenient time.

   If inconvenience to others carries legal standing then let's clear the rest homes of those with dementia, Alzheimer's, the mentally incompetent ( granted that might pose a threat to the White House, Congress and Supreme Court ) or the prisons.

   Let's apply the same punishments to the guilty who have committed crimes that we impose on the most innocent. Let's bring back beheading, draw and quartering or drown them in salt water then tear their bodies apart.

Then, and only then, will we ALL get equal rights under the law.

   This President they worship voted three times against legislation that would require the state of Illinois to provide for a newborn who survived partial birth abortion. a natural born citizen, the right of equal protection under the law or medical attention. He effectively supported wrapping the child up in a blanket, the child would be left to die in a linen closet then tossed away as medical waste. A child who by law had a birth certificate and then a certificate of death... on the same day.

And this guy has nominated a man who accused US soldiers of being baby killers! That is moral and cognitive dissonance.

   Doing what is right is hard, doing evil is easy. If you voted for this guy then you share in empowering this evil. And guess what.. in God's court of law... ignorance of the law, but it was legal, it was my right to choose or it was my job are not accepted as excuses either. But if you don't believe in a God then what is evil to you?

A Fair Electoral College

H/T: Breitbart

  Van Jones, former Green Czar, Obama's buddy and admitted Communist said in a post inaugural speech that Obama isn't a socialist, he's a Communitarian.  This is another example of how progressives use language to mask their intent in a manner similar to changing 'Global Warming' to 'Climate Change' when substantive evidence began to emerge of fraud in the data

   The only thing standing in these people's way is the GOP, Talk Radio, Common Sense and the Second Amendment and they are attacking all four with great vigor. If all that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing I wonder if the good people have the will to to match their audacity?

   Here's a suggestion.  The Democrats want to tamper with the Electoral College. So let's do this. Let's modify it so that each county of a state gets one electoral vote. It will parse the division of power into a greater pool, it will take away these concentrations of power in large urban centers and give the people of the entire nation, half of them in rural areas, a more balanced say into who we elect President.

   If it's fairness they demand then let's give it to them. The proposition should be sold in the name of fairness.

   If Republicans retain the House and take the Senate in the midterms rather than expending political capital impeaching Obama they should push for amending the section of the Constitution pertaining to the Electoral college. It would also give the States their opportunity to counteract the federal assault on their rights.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bullhorns On Piles Of Dead Children

If politicians like Obama,Biden, Cuomo along with pundits like Piers Morgan, CNN, MSBC and others are going to climb atop the piles of dead children to scream through their bullhorns that the people that support the right to own and bear arms are going to hear from all of us soon then let's take a look a child that was ultimately the victim of overzealous federal gun policy from other piles of ruble... Baylee Almon.

Before she was born a new President had come into power and nominated the first Attorney General of the United States. He inherited a stand-off in Waco between a group of religious zealots and federal agents over gun control measures. Clamors to end the siege because it was costing so much drove the President to act to show he was tough on crime and his female Attorney General had testicular fortitude. The result was the death of 25 children who mostly suffocated in a 10x20 bunker as the fire rage above them.

The government's inept handling, the lies, coverups, the victim toll all set off a rage in many people.

A year later Baylee was born. She celebrated her first birthday on April 18, 1995. What a joyous day that must have been. The next day she joined the other kids in the Murrah Federal day care center and at 9:01 AM she may have been napping, stacking plastic building blocks, practicing her unsteady walking, laughing giggling and suddenly her future ended in a building that was practically the safest place in the world with every federal agency located there armed to the hilt. It didn't matter.

The perpetrator received fame until his execution. The President won re-election is now the esteemed darling of his party. His wife and political confidant became a senior Senator, ran for the Presidency and may even become President herself. The Attorney General's legacy is secured in history. But little Baylee who had no say in any of this paid the price for all of them.

So if we are going to make the children the focus of our actions let's do it in a sane manner and be adults and face up to realities. We are the problem. Taking actions for political posing or to get ratings up that exacerbate this violence needs to have a 'come to Jesus' moment.

Banning guns will not work. It didn't stop McVeigh, it didn't stop Columbine, it isn't making Chicago, New York or Philadelphia any safer. It will only create more problems and leave honest citizens defenseless against criminals in and out of government.

We need to change our culture. It isn't going to happen over night. It will take generations. We need to install the value of life into our children. Whatever the NEA and liberal political inertia has been for the last forty years we need to do the exact opposite. We need to instill moral values in our schools, our entertainment and in our actions. We need to make the punishment for horrendous acts so horrendous and certain that it will deter the glory seekers from acting. Humiliate them in death rather than nurture their memories because they had some mental affliction. We all have one to some extent.

We don't ban violent games, we just make them not cool.
We don't command Hollywood to make non-violent movies, we just make them unprofitable.
We don't disarm law abiding citizens we arm them and make them safe.
We afford our children the same consideration to go to a safe school like the children of the privileged politicians and wealthy do by hiring armed security.

Keep in mind that Tim McVeigh had access to an arsenal that could have killed as many people but chose not to use that type of an attack. He would have been dropped dead on the first floor when he pulled his weapon.

And perhaps little Baylee Almon would be celebrating the fist birthday of her third or fourth child today.

We are heading down a dangerous path on both sides unless saner heads prevail.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Guns Are Not The Problem

Guns are not the problem... people are... focus on that. If you're going to get tough then get tough on the criminals and not their potential victims. Keep in mind that government is full of criminals too... they just haven't been caught yet.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Orgy Of Spending By The Impotent

I find it hilarious that the democrats have vigorously defended the Bush tax cuts, the very one this President and his minion in the press have claimed as a major cause of the fiscal mess we are in. They mask credit for these cuts by calling them 'Middle Class' tax cuts. They want to keep them to help the middle class. Of course in their mind mean old George W had his rich Haliburton buddies in mind when he passed them. Don't bother trying to apply common sense to leftist thinking, just think of them as a used car salesman.

So their latest BS is that raising taxes is an equivalent approach to reducing the deficit. Two positions that counter one another with equal weight. Sort of like comparing economies... like the US and Liberia.

I have made the point on here recently that this approach is the 'pissing on a forest fire approach'. It may relieve certain pent up pressures and feel good but it does nothing to address the raging inferno.

Since all those billions and trillions make things so difficult for the logically challenged here's a graphic that even first graders can understand. The position the President and other limp-wristed politicians have taken is to raise the revenue side by just enough to fund the spending orgy for about 5 days. I'm sure Chris Matthews is orgasmic and wishing he could have the President's baby while Paul Klugman is somewhere doing the one hand mambo. 'My gawd, the man is like seeewwwww purrfect'.

The position of the adults in the room on the right is that no action is meaningful that doesn't seriously address the spending to reduce the chart on the right. They get skewered in the press because... well... they are mean ol rich white Republicans. Let's tax these rich SOB's because they have money and we don't. Never mind that Hollywood got a sweetheart of a tax break for helping Obama get selected again. I guess if you're a 1% conservative you deserve to be punished but if your a 1% liberal you deserve your wealth.

Has anyone mentioned your taxes are going up in 2013 when aspects of the healthcare law kick in?

H/T  Vilmar @ Kickin and Screamin   from  Zero Hedge.

In related news read these statements and glance up at that chart from time to time. Right now prosperity isn't the goal. When you are having trouble paying the mortgage, health insurance and keeping the heat and lights on the goal isn't to be planning that trip to the Bahamas. Oh wait... he's heading back to Hawaii on your dime so dig in those pockets for that billion it will cost us to entertain the Obama family.
From the White House Dossier