Sunday, February 28, 2010

Urinal Queueing Theory

It is difficult to explain how we develop a life-long curiosity about certain things. For me it is a curiosity about why living things behave the way they do. I can listen to someone speaking but irrespective of what they say I am more interested in why they say it the way they do. I imagine this is simply wired into our brains in the self-preservation section to detect intention, deception or threat.

We must remember that as complex as our systems are they still must obey the laws of physics. If we jump off of a building it doesn't matter what we think, rare naked physics is in control. Newton's fundamental principle of motion states that an object in motion will remain in motion until it encounters an equal force. Now if we want to get picking we could invoke the law of vectors we can account for angles, differing masses and velocities etc... but for this discussion a game of billiards exemplifies the concept of mass in motion.

Another example of this would be a drop of oil on a smooth sea surface. The molecules will expand until the molecular cohesion balances with the force of gravity. We exist in an expanding universe where entropy rules. The existence of any entity is regulated by the balance of forces but in the end everything loses it's existence the closer it all gets to equilibrium and the ultimat heat death of all things.

This applies to organisms. Even in calculus we do problems like determining the growth of bacteria in a petri dish where its growth is countered once it reaches the limits of the petri dish. This applies on even grander scales of human endeavor such as politics, business, sports, relationship and war. All of these are based on queuing behavior of organisms searching for equillibrium.

Now I did not have to go to a university to observe this behavior though I did study it decades later mathematically in computer data structures class. I worked in a manufacturing yard cutting angle iron on this big saw next to a road outside. Across the street was a run of phone lines on poles. I noticed that birds of the same species would queue up on the line evenly spaced. Usually the first bird or two landed towards the middle giving them an optimal distance on either side. The more birds the less the distance between them but the more evenly spaced they became.

Additionally I noticed another behavior as the line became crowded. If a bird of the same species tried to land in between two other birds a territorial fight would start. But if a bird of another species did the same thing they simply sat there as if that bird didn't exist.

We humans do the same thing. It can be observed on any commute as drivers defend their position and seek an optimum distance between potential threats. All of this observation has not been in vain. After many decades of diligent observation I devised my Urinal Queuing Theory. At first I thought I had stumbled on something original but later discovered I wasn't the first to notice this behavior. But every man knows it without having ever been taught it.

Suppose there is a public restroom with 5 urinals labeled A,B,C,D,E. Doesn't matter if we go right to left or left to right. A man enters a restroom and finds the following situations, what are his valid options?

1. A is occupied. Valid options: C,D,E
2. A & C are occupied. Valid options: E
3. A,B,C are occupied. Valid option: E
4. A & D are occupied. Valid options: Decision based on who appears to be finishing.
5. C & D are occupied. Valid options: A
6. C is occupied. Valid options A, E
7. 4/5 occupied. Valid options: the available urinal or an unoccupied stall.

There is an exclusion depending on what degree of familiarity exists between competitors. If a guy is out with his buds and they make a coordinated assault it doesn't matter the order.

If a man finds himself alone and stranger comes up in the adjacent stall he becomes a bit uncomfortable.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hillary and the Last Laugh

I've read around the blogs and there is talk of the Obamanauts preparing for his re-election in 2012. What they probably aren't preparing for is a challenge in the primaries. The audacity! What would be awkward about that is if Hillary is the adversary Obama is going to have a hard time employing the politics of personal destruction against his Secretary of State.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well That Was A Short Career

Drudge Alert Link. So much for any talk of a presidential bid. Seat him at the RINO table where there is a little sign that says It's the spending stupids.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Stress Continues To Build

Signs of the system stressing..... Man vs Bank Bulldozer vs House

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let Us Review

The man-made global warming scam has been exposed, collapsing like the house of cards it is. Even Phil Jones has admitted it hasn't warmed since 1995. Those of use that saw it for the BS it are called Deniers. We are heretics in the religion of Gaia. I wear it as a badge of honor. But we Demiers have nothing to call our accusers. Considering current events how about calling them the Dupes, those that fell for global warming hook line and sinker ulimately declaring that
the science is settled. Turned out to just be unsettling.

Here's the kind of people that are Dupes:

So if the entire premise of the 'Green Eco movement' is that human use of fossil fuels has caused an alarming rise in global temperature because CO2 is a pollutant and greenhouse gas and the single premise of global warming is proven to be false then all the other arguments become baseless. A false conclusion based on a false premise.

This means that:

1) CO2 is not necessarily a pollutant in nature but only in the politically motivated view of the Dupes.

2) Using a fossil fuel like gasoline has had no major effect on global temperatures. It is abundant, accessible and promotes our energy independence. Our hand would be stronger at the table when keeping prices moderated.

3) The drilling ban is based on an illusionary foundation and we suffer economically and strategically because of the Dupe's wrong-headed policies.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tax Credits To Nowhere

I am a bit baffled by a proposal I heard to get employers hiring. I believe it is a $5000 tax credit for every employ hired. I guess maybe I don't understand all that much about business and do not have the keen intellect of those that propose something like this thinking it is going to stimulate anything.

1) A tax credit means nothing if you don't have the money in the first place to spend to earn the credit. It will provide enough incentive to sway a decision to hire if that is being contemplated. With so much doubt about the economy about what the regime will do next everyone is sitting on hold.

2) What are these employees to do when there was no increase in demand?

The goal needs to be increasing demand. To get people to let go of money and get it working. We need to sense stability and confidence through stewardship of the ship of state. In common parlance, we need to get a crew at the helm that knows what the hell they are doing... cancel their apprenticeship, move them out of the way to let the experienced get us off the rocks.

And would someone go to the captain's cabin, tell him how wonderful he is but he needs to put his mirrors away and focus on something other than himself.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bipartisan Follies

Just because the Republicans reject shaking the hand full of manure offered by Obama cannot be construed as a rejection of bipartisanship. It is just a rejection of foolish and ill-conceived political folly.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hell Is Richer Today

I wish I could reflect my condolences.... but that would be deceit... Murtha is Dead.

Here's my tribute to him....

A Bit Baffled by the Green Police

This Super Bowl commercial was a bit baffling. It promotes "Green" enthusiasm by insinuating the overkill of 'Green" enthusiasm.

America's Oil

There are certain terms one will hear from the talking heads; 'energy independence' and 'reliance on foreign oil'. I was just listening to an interview on TV and heard those buzz words which drew my mind back to my youth when I was employed by a company that built drilling rigs.

I was about 26 and remember an after work discussion I was having with a friend. Essentially we were on top of the world. He was head of Purchasing and I was the Assistant Manager of Manufacturing. We were extolling our success at such an early age and that the future looked bright because "America will always need America's oil". Such is the folly of youth ( on more than one level).

That was true then and it is still true some 30 years later - America needs America's oil". What we didn't see coming was any politician being stupid enough to prohibit drilling our resources and getting us addicted to other's oil.

Monday, February 01, 2010

A Dynamic Planet

This a bit of activity in Yellowstone. It is unnerving I guess but that is a place where the continental crust is moving over a hot spot in the mantle. The Hawaiian Islands are a legacy of the Pacific plate moving over one.

The recent earthquake in Haiti makes it appear there is elevated activity. But it is worth keeping in mind that these plates are bumping and crunching into each other building up inconceivable forces. Like a pile of potatoes, if you move one from below many others will respond by shifting as far as they can go. Same thing with these plates. If one moves so do the others. Though geologically minute in their movement they can have catastrophic consequences to humans. So perhaps these small earthquakes in Yellowstone and the New Madrid regions are just reactions to the plates in the Caribbean.

Obama Fatigue

I am so sick of this idiot. He was just announcing the budget. At one point he stated that he wants real action and not grandstanding on TV just mouthing the words to paraphrase what he said.... as he stood there, on television, grandstanding as he uttered his normal empty thoughts and daily talking points. Man this guy is an idiot. Totally in his own reality.

Now I see he bowed to the mayor of Tampa, Pam Iorio.   Of course he has little understanding of American social customs such as the equality of all.