Monday, August 15, 2005

There May Be Hope For Newsweek
Newsweek National News:
'I'm So Sorry'

This is a suprisingly fair article considering the source. It does contain one misconception:

"More complicated is the question of whether Bush's suffering is essentially sympathetic, or whether he is agonizing over the war that he chose to start."

Saddam Hussein chose to start this war on Aug 2, 1990. It was temporarily halted on Feruary 28th, 1991 by a ceasefire agreement requiring Hussein to disarm. Hussein, counting on international apathy, chose seventeen times to ignore the agreement leaving only one choice to force his disarmament.

It also fails to mention that Cindy Sheehan had one of these very meetings with the President. Now she wants another though there are 1,500 or so families that haven't had the opportunity. What makes this women more special than those 1,500?

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