Monday, August 15, 2005

Falluja, California

LA 'on the road to Falluja'?

This is dated material I happened across on a google but it is not that old. It mentions that 658 people were murdered in Los angeles in the year 2002. So it is contemporay enough to the Iraq War for my purposes.

First my intent is not to diminish the losses of our troops. But we have seemed to have lost all sense of proportion and a sense of the clear and present danger of gangs, often with illegal alien members, here in our own land.

So let's figure 1,800 casualties in Iraq in 27 months; that's 66.6 per month times 12 is roughly 800 per year in a war zone.

So we have:
800 casualties in a war zone per year.
658 casualties in one year, in one very large US city with about 1/6 the population of Iraq.

If we adjusted that to give Los Angeles the same population as Iraq for comparison that would be 3,948 casualties per year. Over 27 months that would amount to 8,883 casualties compared to the 1,800 casualties in Iraq for the same period.

8,883 !

The irony here is that the shrillest anti-war voices we hear come from that very city.

I shall paraphrase Jesus here:
'How can you say to your brother there is a speck in his eye when there is a log in your own?

Perhaps Cindy Sheehan, with her heart-felt and earnest concern for the loss of Americans, can deliver her message of peace where it can serve the greater good.

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