Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Reason It's Called The 'Left'

You know, I took this post down the other day because I felt it was a little childish for a geezer my age ( as if anybody is reading this blog anyway, at least not according to my site meter ) but after a discussion about Iraq with my liberal friends about the Boots In Baghadad post below where that honorable young man was called a liar and a dumbass by those 'friends'; with liberals working deligently to make Iraq another Vietnam and after the continuing attention paid to that ignorant bitch Cindy "this country is not worth defending" Sheehan ( why not call Casey a dumbass mom ) and her demand for 'second servings' with Bush ahead of the 1,500 families who have every bit the moral authority as does she, I am putting it back up and it is staying up because it is simply the irrefutable truth and that fact is reinforced every time a liberal opens their mouth, writes a column or gives an interview.

What has happened to the Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy and Zell Miller ? Why has it been immasculated? ( That's having lost its balls for all you liberals )

I recognize that in this country they have every right to speak their opinion but there are two types of opinion: informed and uniformed. They also have the right to be ignorant, ill-informed and blatantly stupid which they are exercising in full measure.

Finally, have you ever wondered why so many of the outspoken representatives of the left are commedians and actors who by avocation pretend to be something they're not? Mere coincidence ? I think not. Because the left in this country has become a pretentious joke.

The Political Teen provides evidence of my thesis.


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Damn the maggots are out again.

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