Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter From The DNC

I've received this propaganda from the DNC and I noticed some hilarious aspects. 

Unlike the little petulant pseudo-messiah in the White House, Boehner's pen and phone don't allow him to issues decrees while he stamps his feet and throws tantrums. Instead Boehner has to sit at the grown up table and go through the courts to define proper way Obama should just be doing his job.

Why do they bother themselves with a single citizen? Why do they put in the juvenile 'remember her'?  Do they believe that their low-information voter's memories are that low?  Why is Palin even in the ad? She scares the hell out of them.

Barack talks cool. Be like Barack and talk cool. But if they do nothing then the default is they win. A little concerned are they?

Typical hyperbolic scare tactics but maybe they know they are in trouble.