Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Morning Coffee

Calls are slow today so I'm on my second cup, while doing my morning blog-rounds I noticed there was a very good set of reads out there. Check em out.

The Dread Pundit Bluto once again is forced to do the job the MSM simply will not do. Read all that is visible today on his blog. Then the next time you see some 'expert' on the news talk about how we are losing the war against global terrorism recall what TDPB begs to differ and backs it up with cold hard facts.

Vilmar at The Ranting Right Wing Howler does an indepth 4,000 word essay on how he feels about liberals. I warn you to put down your drink, cover your screen before you get to the Jane Fonda section. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report concludes ( and I concur ) that Deepak Chopra and his followers are, shall we say, logically challenged. He sums it up with this dead-on observation.

"These are the same people who feel moved by bumper stickers and take a moment to reflect on the deep thoughts communicated through a Hallmark card.That people like Deepak Chopra are actually taken seriously is a sign of the continued Oprahization of America and the vast gynocratic conspiracy."
That is rich...'Oprahization' and 'gynocratic conspiracy'. I've been searching for so long for a more acceptable way of saying 'the pussification of the American male'. Thank you Dr. Rusty.
Then there is the ever vigilant Moonbat Central standing watch for impending attacks by radical snarks. Today we are privy to some nice photos from Camp Cindy of the Sheehanites. Notice the earnest 'reflection' over the crosses.
You know everything about this is pretentious, a mother that pretends to grieve when subjected to media lights, a pretend reverend, a pretend president, citizens pretending they care about our soldiers while their actions only encourage those soldiers enemies.
If they really cared the should simply STFU.

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