Monday, November 30, 2009

Leave The Woods Alone

For Pete's sake, now Greta is doing her show on Tiger Woods. You know this is ridiculous. I am a conservative. I believe in individual freedom. What Tiger and his wife are going through is their business. If they want to put on gloves and beat the hell out of each other in the privacy of their home I DON'T CARE !!!! Leave them alone. It is not news. ARRGGHGHGGHHHHHH !! Where's my remote....

Fatigue From Zeroes

I am sitting her listening to FoxNews discussing the cost of Afghanistan. The cost being thrown about is 30 billion. After over a trillion in TARP funds, a 787 billion stimulus that didn't work, a 1.4 trillion dollar budget and the trillions and trillions of the democrats power grab through healthcare I am sitting hear thinking, wow that's cheap. Keep in mind the stimulus gave away about one tenth of that to groups like ACORN. So I think a visual is required.

1,400,000,000,000 - Obama's Budget
.....30,000,000,000 - Afghanistan

$30 bucks out of $1,400. Chump change for our defense.

I am part of that 41% that is very angry.  Very, very angry.

Science Lied, Economies Died.

Imagine that during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq a hacker broke into the CIA servers and published emails indicating the intelligence was manipulated for policy purposes. Then, after the exposure, Bush went ahead with the invasion. I, an ardent Bush fan, would be right there among the BDS brigades calling for his impeachment.

The integrity of climate data is now in doubt. Obama should not proceed on the Copenhagen Accords until the science is really settled. To go there and sign over our economic well-being with such lingering doubt ought to also be an impeachable offense.   Same thing if Congress passes cap and tax.   Heads need to roll.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Truth Shall Keep You Free

The 2010 midterm weapon of choice.
Effective against Obama's Red and Purple Shirted Thugs.
Shine the light on these roaches and record them scurrying.
Ammunition available at most blogs.

Hi, I'm a sleazy ACORN  lawyer and I can't stand these things.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unhinged Liberal

I only caught part of it but if you want to see how unhinged Hollywood liberals are over the Hadley papers try and catch Stuart Varney's interview with Ed Bagley Jr. on the replay tonight. It is whatever show that normally comes on in the 3-4P Central slot on Fox News.
It was hilarious. Bagley accusing Varney of using 'scare tactic' as if he himself hasn't been running around screaming the "we're all gonna die'. Then there was the part where Varney talks about a scientist and Bagley badgers him about what kind of scientist. Varney says a physicist. Bagely 'oh there you go'. Wondered what kind of scientist Bagley is ? I doubt he realizes that climatology is a subset of physics much like thermodynamics.
Egg does compliment Bagley's face. You can tell by his manner he knows he has been exposed as a complete uneducated tool that will fall for anything that will keep him at the top of the 'in crowd'. Totally ranting irrationally like a sixth grader. Doubt he realizes the Prius is but a conspiracy by the evil energy companies to thin out the gene pool.

HotAir has the video.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Really, Really Inconvienient Truth

Al Gores learns of the Hadley hacks.

Guess that settles the science.

I think there needs to be a Nuremburg style trial for all that have conducted this Fraud Against Humanity.

Why Liberal Women Despise Palin

OK, I am treading on dangerous ground here but let me relate an experience from work where I observed female behavior that I think is exactly why liberal women have such hatred for Palin.

We got a big contract that required the hiring of many new customer service agents. Now there were many women there but most were just ordinary folks. A few of the managers dressed up. You've seen the type, overweight, face caked with gaudy makeup not fooling anybody and walking uncomfortably in high heels.

One day this little hottie shows up, about 21, slender, extremely attractive wearing this probably inappropriately short skirt. There was this constant stream of males finding a reason to go by her desk then come back to the mostly male billing center to offer up their assessments. Though I can be just as vulgar as the next guy, probably even worse, I'll spare you their astute commentary.

One of the experienced agents brought her to me so I could show her how to restore tapes. One of these superficial managers waddles in and I introduced them. The manager went on and on "oh what a cute outfit, where did you find that?", as if she was going to run right out and find one in sackcloth size. So I watched this two-faced display. She was known to be an ass kisser. If you wanted the President to know something you emailed. If you wanted him to know something immediately you whispered it to her.  Waddle, waddle waddle, knock, knock... Bill I need to speak to you.

I showed this girl how to do tapes and found her, to my dismay, to be extremely bright, articulate and technically savvy. Unfortunately her stunning looks distracted from her intelligence. I left to let her work without the pressure of me watching her every keystroke. She needs to make her mistakes without eyes watching over her shoulder.

As I turned out the tape room I heard a conversation around the corner between this manager that had just been there and another of her 'peers'. " Have you met that new girl, that little bitch, she must not realize this isn't a whore house. I guarantee the first chance I get her little swaggering ass is out of here."
Yep. They didn't get rid of her but forced her to leave within a few weeks. Everything she did they found fault with it.

This didn't happen just once but with about any attractive female the agency sent to us. Men have nothing on women when it comes to being pricks. They just can't stand the fact that, unlike them, someone can have it all going for them.

For the guys it is similar. People like Olbermann, who does get hot bimbos, knows that a lady like Palin wouldn't give him the time of day. Even more disgusting to guys like him is the fact that she prefers a real ordinary guy like Todd. It's a deep rooted fear of rejection thing. I mean how many guys just can't understand what Julia Roberts saw in Lyle Lovett ?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Must Have as 2010 Approaches

Hot Items for 2010

I already have mine.

The Grand Racist

The basis of racism, the real racism not the canned response, is generalizing an entire class of people. Jesse Jackson is a racist to his own class of people. This is every bit as vile as saying something about watermelons.

The Idiot in Chief

Me, me, me ,me... these are serious times requiring serious leadership... but forget that... his frame of refernce is always himself.

"Ask not what I can do for your country, 
ask what your country can do for me."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Wondering About Dobermann

May just be me but I'd swear he is sticking Preparation H in the wrong end.

I Feel Like Koko

Today I sympathize with Koko. My little cat Lightning broke one of her lower fangs. I let her out and an hour later she wanted in and I noticed it pointing straight out of her mouth. I dropped her off at the vet at 3:00pm where they will put her under in the morning to extract it. I know it is probably not that big of a deal but I feel sick, almost want to cry, doubt I will sleep tonight just worrying about her up there scared and alone. I am probably having just as much separation anxiety as she is. Tonight I won't have my TV watching buddy on my lap. Vet said he would give her just a little gas to put her out long enough to take it out but there is always a risk. I always dwell on the worst case scenario. This is going to be a long twenty hours.

Update: She will be home after lunch. Her sisters will be happy to see her. I have her some pot roast gravy ready.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teabagging in China

Wonder if Obama dare call the Chinese 'Teabaggers'

The Day In Review

Closing thoughts on today's events.

ANSWER thugs attack TPP folks.
My thoughts: We should never start a fight.. but there is no dishonor in ending one.

The Obama bow. NO link necessary !
My thoughts: Stupid is as stupid does.

Moving the trials to NYC. Ditto
My thoughts: The sheik would like to thank all those that made this day possible.

What to call Hasan Ditto
My thoughts: How about infiltrator ?

Sarah Palin interviews.
"The perky one". Smack! Oprah is not the center of her universe. Thump!

Anita Dunn likes Jon Stewart.
He admitted it is fake news.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Now Go Back And Get Your Shoeshine Box

Found this at Free Republic : Our President is an embarrassing IDIOT !

ABC: Missed Warning Signs & Motives

ABC has a Headline for an article by Sunlen Miller:
Obama Calls for Further Review of Missed Warning Signs & Motives of Fort Hood Shooter

Might I suggest he begin looking under that steaming pile of PC ?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bush / Cheney on Trial

I believe the reason this administration is putting the 9/11 terrorists on trial in civil courts has a couple of purposes.
One reason is that the health care bill is in the Senate and Reid will use every slimy Senate rule to cram it through. This is such an affront to the victims of the attack that it will divert the dialogue away from that.
The other purpose is to put the Bush administration on trial by proxy. They want the testimony of KSM about being waterboarded. In civil court this will give the impression of a mere criminal being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Their media lap dogs will obediently take this and disperse it 24/7 into the common dialogue. They claim waterboarding won't come into evidence.  Just words. Watch.
That's why Holder came on strong about seeking the federal death penalty. He wants to establish the impression that he represents regular Americans. However, the reality is he, Obama and the Black Liberationists have far more in common, as to a worldview of America, with KSM than they do with the normal American. Both hate the America of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Deafening Chirp Of Crickets.

Remember how the drama-queens on the left got their knickers bunched up about George Bush's coming dictatorship destroying civil liberties because homeland security might know the books you've checked out at the library ? The chorus of crickets are deafening.

Of course Obama's regime backed off but just the fact that they considered this shows who the real threat to civil liberties is.

Bill Clinton: Tossing the Salad in Congress

Former Salad-tosser in Chief Clinton:

"The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning."

This from a guy famous for tea-bagging interns ! Keep in mind that Hitler, Saddam, Chavez and many other despots 'won' too.
I mean hey, if we're going to use vile juvenile sexual innuendos to describe our political adversaries it is unfair there isn't one for Democrats. But in this case salad-tossing actually describes their methods of persuasion and political cohesion, particularly the government media.
But he is right, they are destroying this country and I know I am pissed beyond comprehension at the idiocracy they are creating.
If there are those out there, like myself, that did not understand the whole tea bagging thing since I am not familiar with the gay lifestyle like David Schuster, Anderson Cooper, Chrissy Matthews or Her Olbermann, I had to look it up.
Now salad tossing I have heard about because I have been told it is a favorite 'welcome to prison' activity.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Good News

There comes a time when we ought to just put aside all the political and religious disparities among us and simply be thankful for good news..

Thursday, November 05, 2009

News Organizations

There are 10,000 angry Americans protesting at the House of Representatives.

Fox News is reporting it. MSNBC has a prominent online report with photos. Even the New York Times covered it.

What do the 'News Organizations' like CNN and the Washington Post have online? Not a thing as of 2:50 PM Central.

Who do you trust for your news ?

At least the 'biased organizations' put it out there.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Democrats vs Hockey Mom

Tell me again that the Dems aren't concerned about Palin.

They gloat because they think an election proves something against a private citizen with a Twitter account. Pathetic liars. She scares the hell out of them because she would cancel out Obama's charismatic shtick. We've had our first semi-black President who represents 15% of our population. We have yet to elect a woman who represents 51% of our population.

Had the RINO been truthful in her beliefs NY-23 would have had a different outcome.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Driving and Dying Not The Same

I hear it on the radio and I see it on television. Whenever someone poses the unconstitutionality of a mandatory health care premium compares it to auto insurance I wonder why the obvious never tickles their brain. My state does not mandate that I get a drivers license. The ability to drive is more essential in our day-to-day lives than health care.

If I opt in to drive and use public streets then I accept the obligations. Neither does my state require that I have health insurance. That is only a personal option.

So if the comparison holds; if I chose to drive without auto insurance I only lose my ability to operate a motor vehicle legally. If I chose not to pay a mandated premium would I lose my rights to citizenship like property ( money )?