Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bill Whittle: American Fascists

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Temple of Berlock

   In the 1960 version of  The Time Machine  the story settles into a time when there are two races coexisting.  On the surface are the Eloi. They are all young, idealist, and carefree people living in what they believe is Utopian bliss. In the darkness below dwell a race of brutes called the Morlocks.

  When Wells arrives the Eloi are somewhat baffled by this aged man and his strange out-dated ideas about social order and personal initiative. Why listen?  Theirs is the world with no hate, crime, or hunger.

  Then reality clarifies the muddled delusions of this perfect world by the clarion call from the Temple of Morlock.  These enlightened Eloi begin to stream to the temple in a mindless trance.  Several of them enter the open gate of the temple into darkness.  Turns out that the Eloi are being used to sustain the Morlock brutes.  But the Eloi were 'feelin the Mor'.

 The same thing is playing out today with the clarion call of Berlock.