Sunday, December 06, 2015

Obama and His Deluded Solutions

  Obama will outline his extra-Constitutional plans to infringe upon the protected right of the People to keep and bear arms. Effectively this is to diminish our capacity to defend against social madmen, thugs and the muslims he has vowed to stand with.

  If he and his minions don't like the Second Amendment there is a Constitutional remedy; he can propose legislation to Congress to amend it.  But these modern neo-fascists know that is not the will of the People so they instead will seek ways to add weight to their jack-boots through executive fiat and administrative regulations.  He has a year left and I am reminded of a description in Revelation about the dragon being cast to Earth and lashing out knowing his time is short.

  Whether or not Trump will be the next President, he has political leverage. He could begin countering the rape of citizen's rights by this administration and its party by threatening investigations and prosecutions for abuses of power by this administration once he is in power and getting to the facts will be more difficult for the Democrats to stonewall. Promise it then do it. People like Valarie Jarret, other advisers and department heads must be held accountable to 'make America great again', to restore the balance of powers and wrest influence from special interests and give the country back to the People.