Monday, April 20, 2015

The Fruits of Progressive Environmental Policy.

    Many animals recognize climatic cycles. Particularly seasons. When confronted with certain severe seasonal conditions, like the coming winter, will store up resources so they can 'weather the storm'. Even though the political history of Jerry Brown resembles the blind squirrel that occasionally finds a nut, It is now Progressive California that is now akin to the blind squirrel and it has found, once again, Jerry Brown.

    Their policies have inhibited the gathering of resources for the cycles of hard times and now they face a harsh storm. In their 'enlightened progressivism'  they have not only failed to adequately store resources their fluttering hearts have deprived their brains of needed oxygen so that they are welcoming millions of illegal to find sanctuary in their state to further deplete their resources.

It's a Dam Sham... err Shame

The Inconvenient Truth About The California Drought

Democrat - Fascist. What's the Difference?

Found this at Gateway Pundit:

 The President and his regime do the same thing. Cross them and they come at you with lawfare. Just ask the guy that made the silly Mohamhead film that the Obama regime blamed for causing Benghazi.... a coverup for their amateur hour of incompetence where the administration left people behind to die.

People who blatantly misuse to law and inflict damage like happened with these families need to have their liberties taken from they. They need to go to jail for excessive periods of time. No mercy and nothing but our ire should be their fate.