Friday, December 16, 2016

Compare and Contrast: US Foreign Policy

Monday, December 05, 2016

Fake News

   I was listening to a CNN discussion about the shooting at Comet Pizza.  Apparently this nutjob wanted to bring attention to the pedophile ring  supposedly operating out of a string of pizza joints.  One of the Podesta's emails appears to placing a meal ordering sing a code word for young boy.  Then there is the photo of Podesta holdinghis hands up with symbols used by the occult.

   CNN kept deriding this story as fake news but they offered only ambiguous proof… 'some have looked into it' kind of evidence, no specifics. I noted very little journalistic curiosity in the discussion. 

One of the panel suggested Comet Pizza sue the purveyors of this story.   The linked story is the same concept except it is  a site WaPo listed as fake news. 

This is the way to handle it on both sides.   Put up or shut up.  Hit them in the pocketbook.