Sunday, May 25, 2014


Been a while since I've touched this site. May have to clean the cobwebs off.

I have sent messages to the DNC to pass along to Obama that if he is in need of someone to fill the position of the "Why That's A Stupid Idea" czar then my services are available.  I have provided some examples of why the 'Like A Boss' bumper sticker.... was a stupid idea.

Here's the DNC contest to vote on your favorite one.

As the "Why That's A Stupid Idea" czar I would advise against this as the benefits of duping the already-duped base would be inadequate to counter the adverse potential for ridicule. In short, "don't take your delusions out into public only to be aghast that you get laughed at".

For instance, someone might make a simple alteration that counters the metro-sexual machismo you are trying to imply:

Then there would always be the potential for politically aware opponents to make a more relevant comparison to current events. They might make a more realistic comparison between the view within the domestic covens of stepford-sycophants and juxtapose it to the one the world thinks is acting 'Like A Boss':

I would point out that, yes, there are times when Obama has shown composure, cool-headiness and focus 
on the mission at hand despite what his racist critics would allude.

Finally to conclude and advise that; given all due consideration to the points in opposition and having taken diligent review of each, I conclude that their ideas are pegging my 'That's A Stupid Idea Idiotometer'.

I would advise that consideration be given to the declining trend of this Administration's credibility and that this would be a "jumping the shark" campaign should they lean forward.  To get the most effective message out into the public 'top-of-mind' about the President's metro-sexual machismo would be something that is honest, unassailable and a refreshing burst of transparency. Something like this: