Saturday, August 01, 2009

Things To Come

The US Postal Service is having to make drastic cuts to stay afloat. Obama's meddling in the auto industry has introduced another government program called cash for clunkers. It was problematic to begin with so the auto industry giant SNAFU's in charge want to end it causing a rush to take advantage of it before it ends. Now Chuck Schumer wants to pump $2 billion into it. Exactly what will happen to their Health Care fiasco.

Now these people look at the TV quite seriously and want us to believe they can run a national health care program ? The idiot-in-chief actually wants us to believe he can do it without raising taxes. If implemented there will be a rush to get services. So how much additional funds will that require? The left and some on the right made sport of voodoo economics and the concept that all boats rise with the tide. Well in the inverted world of liberal thinking they also all sink with the draining of the water.

The true Cash for Clunkers program is this liberal Democrat government and its policies. We keep pouring money into it and get nothing back but the same old failed policies. I mean watch this. Maxine Waters actually thinks that the government that can't run a postal service or a small trade in program can run the oil industry better than the private sector.

The best stupidity money can buy.


nanc said...

hey - don't be dissing the 5th most beautimous person in washington!

IOpian said...

When I see Maxine Waters a list of adjectives come to my mind but nowhere does the word 'beauty' appear in that list.

IOpian said...

Additionally I do think she is one representative that actually represents her constituency dutifully. Only morons would elect such a moron.