Wednesday, August 19, 2009

View From The Back Row

William Shakespeare - All the world's a stage (from As You Like It 2/7)

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:

But Bill, someone has to be in the audience or else the play is pointless. That's where I am, sitting in the audience and having a chuckle watching the social forces clash. I do hope the side in favor of less government in my life wins. But quite frankly, the great American dumb-down has me spent.

I have come to the realization that none of this is real. In fact, Shakespeare has it right, our society is but a stage where the players are ordered about by the wizards of imagery behind the curtains. There are the players but then there are people like me, Mr. Nobody. I can scream, I can write or even jump up and make a big scene but the play goes on. No use in even trying; so sit back, relax and have a chuckle.

We have a president, who isn't much of one in the functional sense, he simply plays one on television. He is no more than a television-ready pitchman for every left wing lunatic cause out there.

Semantics is their weapon of choice to close the sale. They use words like 'reinvestment' when the intent is little more than embezzlement to reward their facilitators. He uses 'we' as if speaking of all three hundred million of us when he actually means unions like ACORN, SEIU, UAW and those bubble-dwelling self affirmed elitists in urban centers. The real 'We' exists only in his mind as someone to blame every time he does some boneheaded thing. We get a lot of blame from him. 'We' made him do it and we're out to get him.

To them 'astrotufing' is when ordinary people write on poster board they bought at Wal Mart to make a homemade protest sign for tomorrow's rally. The only involvement with a insurance company would be if they had a wreck driving their car to the rally.

However, what is not 'astrotufing' is when paid union members are loaded on a bus with matching tee-shirts and signs fresh from Kinko's on the union's account and driven to the rally at no expense to themselves. It is of particular interests why members of a union that should be providing for its members health care needs, are so adamant about the need for others health care.

Another tactic is over-generalization. Their position is 'health care reform'. Both sides are for this since it is obvious that has become what this is about. But for the other side you are a racist if you oppose a public option. This is the soft bigotry of low expectations based on one's skin color that the left has practiced into an art. If you oppose any aspect of their policy then you are against reform. If people gather for a grievance against their government then they are a mob. If it is 'right-wing' it must always be an extremist. All fake, all lies, all deception.

The most common method of deception they use is misdirection. If 'We' are focused on Obama's birth certificate then We aren't looking into his records at Columbia and Harvard. When he releases proof of his natural birth then the doubters will look like fools. If Shepard Smith is screaming at Bill Burton's obfuscations about the public option then we are being misdirected from the actual mechanism of nationalization of one sixth of our economy, the Health Insurance Exchange. Perhaps they floated this balloon to give the opponents a feeling of Pyrrhic victory. Much like throwing the dog a bone to divert his attention.

Here's the elephant in the room from the video:

Essentially this HIE will act like a Board of Directors of every private health insurance company, deciding what policies can be offered. Why is it even necessary? The HIE is the point in the scheme where the health care industry becomes nationalized. It is an interesting play, this grand illusion...but it's time for concessions.


nanc said...

my fern is fed up too - he put up quite a lengthy post at curtains - but then brevity has never been one of his strong points - yes, i'd say it to his face.

nanc said...

we're having a storm here - did you get it? p.c.'s acting all goofy!

IOpian said...

Yep. came through about 5a. I got p and checked the radar and decided just to stay up and enjoy a nice rain. Net was down for a bit but I think my router was just having a hissy.

I will, have, admitted my lack of brevity.

I once worked for a Dr. of ED. I had read her thesis and it was like a gattling gun of short sentences. Something like: The nature of testing is complex. There are many opinions about it. One opinion is the XYZ approach. She did this all of the way through.

Now I liked her a lot even though she is the typical liberal. Came through and caught her crying once as she watched the Anita Hill hearing. Martha what's wrong? "The poor women, the nightmare she must have gone through." We had an ongoing argument about nature/nurture. Of course I come from the nature side.

Anyway, I asked her to proof my paper. She was reading it with her hand on her forehead shaking it back and forth as she read. I asked her what's wrong. She said 'my lord your sentences are almost paragraphs. You don't use much punctuation.' Well Martha, large ideas require large sentences.

See, I can't be brief about anything.

After that Onion piece I read about Asperger Syndrome. I think I have it. Except I am good at reading people. And I was nuts about dinosaurs when I was a lad.

nanc said...

i have s.a.s.s. - short attention span syndrome! but do enjoy perusing yours and my fern's posts - the heart you put into them is apparent.