Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coming Train Wreck - An Epic Failure

Put this parody together over the last few evenings.


nanc said...

okay - 50 seconds in - I CANNOT WATCH ANOTHER MOMENT! is it my opinion or was there some "sniffing" going on? what are they, dogs?

love the music - takes me back a few decades. dang your hide!

IOpian said...

Too bad... the gist of it starts at 1:00 in. Oh well. If you are referring to those two women that is Vanessa what's her face and some other favous black bimbo watching the obama's slow dance at an inaugral ball.... people had tears running down their faces... I thinks to myself.. so I am trying to build this aura before I begin the ridicule at 1:00 in until the final point at about 3:00 into it.