Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mission "Read The Bill"

I decided to download the current bill HR3200. Don't even attempt to read it online. The Rocky Mountains will be a prairie by the time it loads. I downloaded the main bill and a summary from the House site.

Here are the files to download. Server must be getting pounded. Don't try to open them from the link... well that's if you won't be needing your PC for the next 15 or 20 minutes.

HR 3200 Text

HR 3200 Summary

I have read the summary and am down to page 19 of the bill. I think I will use this post to record what I find. May post the table of contents and build one huge page with notations, questions and observation per section. Gonna take a while.

My impression from the Summary is there are some good ideas. But me driving around in a brand new $50K cowboy cadillac is a good idea too. Unfortunately neither I nor the government can pay for our good ideas without mooching some money somewhere.

A couple of well-intentioned goals but openings for a lot of unintended consequences. If you build it they will come... oh dear will they come. With an expansion of demand will come an expansion of the personnel needed to address their needs.

The only thing that can relieve this rise in demand is to expand the time needed to service this demand in a quality care fashion. What may have taken a month before may take months. If the demand grows then care will move towards rationing. Much like having too many hungry people and too little bread. Although others may believe it possible, I don't think Obama can live up to the messiah's ability to take little and create abundance.

There are some educational incentives but it will be years to get these new doctors and nurses online. But limiting a doctor's income will drive many out of the business. What we will end up with is not the best and brightest, who should be well-rewarded for their skills, but instead will have the 'Affirmative action' level of competence. Another aiming to the least common denomitaor. Another effort for mediocrity.

Pardon the errors. Will fix in the morning.


nanc said...

i'm getting an "error 404" when i try to open your first link.

IOpian said...

yeah it was two in the morning so I have some fixin to do.

I have the file locally so I may move it to my domain.

That is, after all, a government website.

IOpian said...

oh wait. guess I didn't explain it very well. If I put the correct link there it takes forever to open the page directly. If you right click on the link and do a save as it will copy the document directly without opening it like the normal link would.

I linked directly to the document. See if that works. Does on mine.

nanc said...

no, it's still saying "NOT FOUND"!

IOpian said...

this is weird. I am on another pc and when I right click on the link and choose 'save link as' I can download it. I see you are using XP and Firefox. That's is what I have on my other PC and it worked. I am now using Firefox on Vista Home OS.

Doesn't matter I sent them to your email.

nanc said...

thankx - i got it! i also ran across a three page pdf on amendments from the ways and means committee - this is getting very interesting.

nanc said...

iopian - i'm LMBO! this morning all you hear is THE RECESSION IS OVER - THE RECESSION IS OVER, yet they blithely ignore the elephant in the room - hmmmmmm...

IOpian said...

I have always contended that the rush to get a national health care program in place is that the vultures have picked SS to the bone and need another carcass to feed on.

nanc said...

check out this post at van's.

also, when you get the chance - go see my latest post at curtains - pelosi related.