Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shuckster In Chief

Sitting here eating my lunch watching Obama's radio interview. What a sham. His every attempt to be portrayed as reaching out to ordinary people has been exposed as a coordinated scam complete with rehearsed question from plants. They've even used a little girl to read a prepared question to the President. Have they no shame ? So how to get around these busy-bodies always exposing the way the trick is done?

Well you take it right to the enemy... right-wing radio. Not Rush, not Savage, not Hannity but to some local Obama supporter, a radio host who calls himself conservative. Some terms just don't mix, like conservative Obama supporter. I've heard of them once.... once. Then you have various White House interns and staffers call into the show with intelligent sounding questions. This way it is impossible to reveal your plants or allow unplanned dissent. Maybe add a negative caller to feign authenticity.

Once again I offer my services, at a reasonable rate, to assume the position as Czar of 'Why that's a stupid idea' to this administration.

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