Monday, August 17, 2009

White Wash House

These folks at the White House are morons. They put up the snitch line at Those emails are now archived. Yesterday Major Garrett brought up these spam emails coming from Axelrod. I got one of them. Robert Gibbs looked foolish trying to dodge the question of where the White House got these email addresses. I've just heard that they have taken down ..... There's Major's answer.

It is amateur time once again at the White House.


nanc said...

this is reminiscent of catching your kidz doing something like hitting a golf ball into the neighbors window and you confronting them only to have them say, "you look so pretty today, mama." ruh?

IOpian said...

I think it was Chisum that replied to one of my comments at GP about look who Obama has speaking for him, Gibbs and Burton. It would have been politically incorrect for me to have retorted that Burton does have a protruding brow and I detect a mild touch of Downes in Gibbs but I didn't. That wouldn't be nice.

nanc said...

HA! i have a difficult time being nice. one of my favorite movies is "serial mom" and i'll say to my children, "would you like to see me go all serial mom on that teacher (or whomever)?" zgirl will say, "GO all serial mom? YOU ARE serial mom!"