Friday, July 31, 2009

August? Who Said August?

Congress is blaming the beltway press for this artificial August deadline for this disastrous Health Care scheme.

I have heard it said that the further back one can remember the more intelligent one tends to be. So how bright must one be that can't remember several weeks back?

Now where in the world did anyone get this idea of a deadline ? Of course failure to meet this deadline was the Republican's fault, not the fact that the Democrats can't play nice with each other.

Folks they think you're stupid. If you believe them then you too are stupid.


nanc said...

did you catch his interview with randi rhoades in 2004? it's the one where he's complaining bitterly about bush putting bills out there that no one has time to read! i believe i linked it at one of the moonbattery open threads. the noive!

IOpian said...

I know I heard him doing one of his daily deception while working. Am sure I heard him blathering about I want this on my desk by August. When I read and heard how the Dems were claiming the press created this I just shook my head and asked myself " have they no shame?" They remind me of little kids trying to lie. You want to laugh because it is so funny to watch their little brains just working away. What comes out it often hilarious. Heard little Harry Reid doing so just this afternoon.