Sunday, August 02, 2009

Omelette Quest

I usually don't eat breakfast. Just not in the mood for food when I awake. Saturday morning I woke up thinking of an omelette. I went to a little cafe and took my regular seat by the television. Fortunately they show Fox News and the financial show was on.

Now I live in a fair and balanced area. If I drove on into town they are very democratic at the McDonald's and Three Buddies BBQ. CNN on one side and Fox News on the other if you can find a seat. The further up the snooty places to eat the more likely it being CNN or MSNBC. This means it must be carefully timed to avoid having to attempt eating and watching one of their political pundits at the same time.

I ordered my meal and three folks seated themselves behind me. My omelet came and as I eat I could not help but hear their conversation. The lady was explaining to an elder what was going on with this threat of punishing us if we approve the English Only legislation. Them thar are fighting words partner.

I listened a bit more and just had the urge to jump in... so I turned and said it is well known you don't mess with Texas but it isn't all that good of an idea to get Okies cross-wise with them. We had a conversation but I kept feeling like I needed to gracefully jump out. But they sort kept me in. The lady and I were in synch. I now know I am not crazy sitting here as a digital hermit but there were others, like me, that are fed up with this absolute arrogant stupidity out there.

They had gone to the TEA party in July. The lady was telling me about and she said she still get chill bumps as she rubbed her arm. I could tell the guys were getting a little bored but she was fired up. Told her she should run for office or participate. She said she is involved with our local gubernatorial candidate, hometown lady, former Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin. Currently representing the Oklahoma 5th District. She represents a good chunk of OKC too.

Our current Democrat governor is history. He voted against the sovereignty act but his veto was overridden. Oklahoma is a purple state. Usually a fair spread among the counties. But in 2009 it is the only state where all counties went red. I have a hunch that may have been more to do with Congress than Obama though many here saw through his crap. We've had our share of con artists.

That encounter shaded my thinking for the rest of the day. I AM NOT ALONE.

Senator Inhofe zeroed in on the issue. The states are not agents of the federal government. The federal government is the agent of the states. This is where the line must be drawn.

Now what happens when we vote the English Only into law? What does the federal government withhold? How long before we counter with the argument that federal funds are drawn from revenues collected among all states. By withholding these funds the federal government diminishes the equal standing among states by considering treating one state differently than the other forty-nine. Equal standing among the states by their agent. At the foundation of this republic the approval of each state was required to bring the mutual, national government into to being. They also defined the limitations of this government.


nanc said...

i just love running into likeminded people! going to a TPP meeting today and am gathering info to take and share.

IOpian said...

I think I'm going to go pop for one of those FLIP digital cams. If I can locate which David Boren office will be the main one for protest. Start filming these and contributing to the big boy sites. When these keep coming in from Poodunk, America then it will show just how deep this discontent runs.