Monday, August 03, 2009

Speaking of the Devil

Whatever happened to Rezko Co? Wonder if the beans he spilled every got cooked? You know with all that is going on I now know for a fact that Obama is an alpha-bonehead but I had almost forgotten he was a lying sleazy crook first and foremost.

So far two of the amigos have been indicted. One remains at large. If you want to know a man's character look at his friends and associates.

In the video there is good imagery that the things he did for Chicago are the things he is busily doing to America. Keep in mind he has sealed his paper trail but the video gives us an idea of his community organizer skills.


nanc said...

here's a letter that SHOULD go viral - pass it around!

IOpian said...

OK I am now officially a TEA Party Patriot. Just signed up. Figure it is about time. I live in a little town and even here everybody is up in arms about this fiasco. Notice how the left is kind of slinking around with their tail between their legs not as willing to hold those manufactured astroturf signs as high or follow their fuhrer's orders to get in our faces. Whimps.

nanc said...

be sure to sign me up as one of your TPP FRIENDS!

this is the sort of thing they're now reporting, although i know of no TEA PARTIERS who've been arrested to date - time to give them a taste of their own bitter meds.

IOpian said...

Sent you an invite. BTW nice looking course. I am a novice so I still need to explore the concept. I actually signed in with my real name. Got to thinking that may not be a good idea. So I looked to see what you did so I went back and changed it all to IOpian. I do have nutjobophobia.