Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Dreams From MY Father

The Scene: It is spring of 2012. Much anger came about after the passage of Obamacare. In 2010 Democrats lost Congress and investigations immediately proceeded when the new Congress came into session. By early 2011 most of the Obama advisers had been indicted and convicted of such crimes as extortion, bribery, fraud and abuse of power along with many from the Democrat caucsus in Congress.

By late 2011 the House impeached Obama and weeks later the Senate convicted him of high crimes from his assault on the Constitution as well as incitement to riot, abuse of power, fraud, extortion, theft, malfeasance, uttering a forged instrument and censured by Congress for conduct unbecoming of the office.

At that time he went missing. A team of veterans organized a search squad. The search went on for months but came to and end in early 2012 when an anonymous tipster with an Arkansas accent directed the team to a sewer on Chicago's South side, an Obama-friendly tribal enclave where he began his career and worked his way to the top. On this occasion he was pulled to the top of the sewer and taken into custody. He is being held in the vacated prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba due to shortages of space when Guantanmo prisoners were moved to homeland ultra-max federal prisons.


nanc said...

yup. don't think the rest of u.s. haven't had similar dreams. but then i think out loud too much!

you should crosspost this at TPP.

nanc said...

i forgot to ask - is that a photo of your father? he's cute.

IOpian said...

No that's just some angry looking old guy I found.

nanc said...

well, he's darling!