Saturday, August 08, 2009

Obama: As Good as a PlayStaion 3

Here we have an Obama supporter who has worked at McDonalds for four years. He goes into a religious frenzy when Obama picks him for a question. This is the interview after. When you play this it is likely YouTube will list the question video.

Why do I suspect this guy thinks cap and trade is when a pro baseball team brings an new player to the team, suits him up once then trades him to another team?


nanc said...

he could have just said, "DUH!" and appeared equally as bright! that's his base, iopian - GOD HELP U.S.!

o.t. - did you see the post at TPP asking people to go re-register to vote as "INDEPENDENTS" to send a message to washington? i'm going to do it.

IOpian said...

I haven't had a chance to go back and get busy on TPP. But I was thinking today that is far better exposure and involvement than this blog will provide. I want my two cents heard as much as anybody.

So since I will no longer have a contract next year and will find myself looking for work for the first time in over a decade I have planned to move my office around where I have one of my personal computers in the primary comfortable position and my work computer of to the side.

Going to make blog station central.

I plan to spend my days blogging while waiting for the one or two calls I get for support. Can do this up until the end of the year whiles checks still come in.

In fact I have that planned for this afternoon. So I will be looking into TPP.

I already try to convince people that big 'I' on my voter registration is a source of pride. Never been anything else. Political parties remind me high school.

I am a free man and there is only one I willingly follow and bow to.

nanc said...

may you remain free! may we all!

there are so many blogging at TPP that it's hard to stay caught up - i try to follow people on my "friends" list more than the others and if there's a post that really sticks out to me, i'll send it to all those on the list - we each need to stay focused on one or two things.

RaDena said...

This guy works at McDonalds so I wonder how he feels about PETA's "Un-Happy Meals" packaging showing Ronald McDonald wielding a large knife like he's about to murder someone? He probably wants one. What a dumb cluck!

IOpian said...


Maybe after four years he has worked his way up to master frier.