Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Understanding Town Hall / TEA Party Anger

The administration and liberals are attempting to portray the anger at these summer recess townhall meetings and the anger that brought the TEA Party movement as astroturf events being sponsored by the vast right-wing conspiracy.

They are tone deaf to the reality. Their passive-aggressive defense methods are one of the things people are fed up with. Their kind of lying is cute when a three-year old tries it. Just doesn't work when someone, assumed to be an adult, tries it.

The administration's lying insults our intelligence. The arrogant assumptions that produces those lies makes people even madder. Team Obama just doesn't get it. The more they try to paint this anger as manufactured the more ridiculous they look.

Perhaps this video will get it through their thick skulls. They need to understand that they are the ones we are fed up with. Hopefully the point will be made next year when many of these congressional 'superior intellects' will be looking for work in the economy their botched efforts helped create.

Note to Team Obama: Once again I offer my services as the CZAR of That's A Stupid Idea. I would essentially serve as the official 'enemy inside the wire' adviser. Give it some serious thought. Someone needs to get the stupid ideas under control up there.


nanc said...

i am angry - not so much for myself, but for my children and grandchildren - when they ask why i'm a little edgy i have to tell them we're doing it for them - hopefully it'll take and they'll remember fondly these times pre-despair. God help u.s., iopian.

IOpian said...

You know I have a serious disorder. I can't lie. I am sure I have but nothing comes to mind at the moment. I actually believe when someone asks me what I think they want the unvarnished truth. I have lost much this way. Jobs, girlfriends, money and just regular friends all lost by means of mouth. I have been called an idiot because I didn't rip someone off, a 'loose cannon' when I found out my co-workers had committed felonies and thought the CEO ought to know. Didn't realize he was in on it. Either resign or I'll fire you. Fire away pal.

Additionally, I try to be kind and courteous and I expect others to do likewise. When they don't I go ballistic and will give them a verbal beat down. Stupidity and indifference of others must be punished on the spot so the 'teachable moment' will not be lost.

The thing that drives me to rage is when someone that thinks they are all that 1) treats me indifferently because of their ego and 2) looks me in the eye and lies to me thinking I'm too stupid to know the difference.

This is my rage against the machine. I, like all others, have the urge to take my hammer and strike at the soul of the machine.

nanc said...

HORY CLAP! you could be the brother nancpop always wanted!

nanc said...

p.s. - not being able to lie is NOT a serious disorder - imagine if EVERYONE had it!