Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waiting On Obamafare

Ya'll work a little harder, make a little more money and get me a bigger check.
Life ain't treated me fair and my kid needs to eat.


nanc said...

dear Lord, iopian - we could be THAT close to disaster. i personally know NO men who would allow this type of behavior in their lives. we do have some pesky neighbors on the mountain who take advantage of every handout available. they actually brag about what they MAKE!

one time i just had to correct one of them as i'd held my tongue long enough and informed him that HE didn't make a dayamed thing - my husband and others work so he may lie on his lazy ass and collect the cream.

IOpian said...

During the oil bust in the early 80's I went from 36K ( pretty good money then ) to $5.25/hrs in a month. There were no oilfield jobs. I ended up homeless though I was sleeping in a 1980 Datsun 4x4 pickup bed for about 6 months. I worked nights repairing truck 'floats' aka trailers. The guy I worked with hired his brother in law to help. He worked a night or two, came in one night and said he quit. Guy was flat broke. Asked him why he quit. He drawled out I just can't work for $5.25. Never understood how $0.00/hr. was better than $5.25/hr. Guy was just white trash. Far easier to get a hand out requiring no responsibility than a hand that does require he actually attempts to work.

nanc said...

my husband went from netting a grand a week six years ago working away from home to making ten bucks an hour JUST to be home every night - we learned to count our blessings - he's still with the company he started out at ten an hour for - we've been blessed with raises, bonuses and you name it. but NOTHING could be better than to be together as a family. i'd sack out in the bed of a datsun with him!