Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snake Oil Ingredients

Always keep in mind that no matter how much Obama and his Manchurian minions attempt to spin this fictional tax plan they are going to raise our taxes. There is no doubt they will rollback the Bush tax cuts because they have said so. That is raising taxes.

Another thing to consider. Do you think a family-owned grocery stores like many found in small towns makes more than $250K a year? You're going to get taxed again through higher prices. It may not be called a tax but money out of your wallet is money out of your wallet regardless the fingers picking your pocket.

If you shop for groceries at a large corporate chain then they too are going to bump their prices when taxes are raised. Same result on your wallet. In fact raising any business taxes is simply governmental money laundering to get into your wallet.

When taxes are raised anywhere in the loop of commerce the load is ultimately borne by the consumer.


nanc said...

or as my dear sweet husband likes to say, "he wants EVERYBODY to make $250,000 per year so the government gets about 60%!" it levels the playing field - the janitor makes as much as the doctor - the waitress makes as much as the scientist - the secretary makes as much as the ceo. there is ultimately no reason to try and better oneself.

to each according to their ability...

IOpian said...

Yes they desire a world of the lowest common denominators equal to the lowest losers.

The blaring fallacy is that they fail to see where the money is going to come from to finance this pipe dream if nobody excels above others? An equalized society is a dead society.

I made this comment over at GP and I think it is accurate. Obama is going to get blacks reparations by any means necessary. You know who he is talking about when he speaks of the poor. It isn't the poor rural whites. They, after all, already have the advantage of being white in his half white mind. If he wanted to be a uniter to help all poor he wouldn't have picked sides in his 'mission'.

Obama is as big a racist as any grand wizard or tattooed right wing Aryan nut job.