Saturday, October 04, 2008

Same Motive, Same Method, Different Size Of Bomb

Know another difference between these two bombers?

Only one is an associate of a candidate wanting to be the United States President.


Anonymous said...

Same motive? Really?

I think one motivation was more "offensive" and the other more "defensive". But I could be wrong.

IOpian said...

Well, true, that could be played from a lot of angles. What was on my mind there is that both were retaliations against the government,

I recall sitting in the student union of the small state college watching the tanks ram into the Waco compound while broadcasting the Orwellian message that this was not an attack. The liberal Clintonians around the TV were laughing about killing those Christian 'nut cakes' while I was calling the ATF and FBI a bunch of fascists thugs raping the first amendment. This was really the first female AG trying to prove she had a set of balls. The motive by April 1993 to end the seige was how much it was costing every day.

So two years later when McVeigh attacked my hometown I felt it was revenge, not defensive. Actually at first I thought it was Palestinians until a lady I worked with pointed out it was two years to the day of the Waco attack.

Though the Weathermen killed only a few the intent of the bomb that prematurely exploded in Greenwich Village was intended for a dance at Fort Dix.

In both cases these guys didn't care on iota for the children, the non-federal workers, the soldier's dates at the dance. To me their minds were bent on teaching the government a lesson.

I understand McVeigh's anger. But his method was twisted. Ayers on the other hand was just a drugged out idiot.