Friday, October 31, 2008

Subtle Hints

Some people express there thoughts for the future at the ballot box, some express their vision of the future by voting with their wallets or their feet. There is a vote going on in the market place now, people are expressing their fears of the future in gunshops. Even I went looking to stock up on a few weapons that may not be available in the future. Not that I believe they will be required to take our country back but simply that I may not have the right to bear arms once the Obama regime comes to power and begins the process of taking away my rights one by one either by confiscation or intimidation.

Look at how they used intimidation against Joe the plumber for having the audacity to ask The One a question. It was in fact The One's answer that caused the ruckus, not the question. Then there is his league of legal stormtroopers obfuscating an attempt to look into documentation of his past like the CAC records, his transcripts and even his Constitutionally required proof of being a natural born citizen. And the clueless just laugh it off.

My other concern is this talk of a domestic force equal to the military force. Does any reasonable person think this is going to be something like a domestic Peace Corp. Will these force be young white college students. No they will be more like the Nation of Islam thugs. He will create a force to give urban blacks, thugs, gansta a job under the guise of legitimate job opportunities. This is very disturbing. Same thing Hitler did with the SA. Civic minded thugs to do their master's bidding.

But the really disturbing thing is that here's a guy that finds the Constitution a flawed document that he doesn't believe he is required to follow. But his mission is to set things straight.

I'm not going to be like the clueless that vote for him to possibly find themselves at the mercy of his domestic force.

Time to weapon up for how this thing plays out. Personally I don't believe the polls and think McCain will deliver an electoral ass-kicking leaving the pundits scratching their heads and the die hard minions crying foul and wondering how they could have been so wrong. The answer is simple and right-wingers have been trying to get it through their vacuous skulls for years. You people are not as brilliant as the person you see in the mirror.

And those prognosticating about an second civil war I would mention that it will not be so civil and it will be their herd that gets thinned out.

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