Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prediction: The Missiles of January

( Originally posted on Aug 08,08 but I think it is worth mentioning again.)

Obamanites like to make the Kennedy comparison and they may get just what they want. Adversaries will usually test an incoming President. The Russians are not too happy with the idea of our missile defense system in Eastern Europe and have threatened to react militarily. They are now flexing their muscles with the control of all petroleum to Western Europe if we sanction them for their recent actions. They will not push Bush too much but somewhere in their calculations they are waiting for the election. If it is McCain they simply continue pressure on the weak-kneed Europeans.

If it is Obama then they will wait until January when the wet-behind-the-ears new CiF, anxious to excel even above JFK, is in office and will counter our actions in Eastern Europe with the Cuban Missile Crisis part Deux to see just how much like Kennedy this newbie really thinks he is. Obama will withdraw our missile defense in exchange to remove the missiles from Cuba and in a matter of weeks fail to deliver on a 'smart' foreign policy by showing our allies in Eastern Europe we can't be trusted. On the positive side at least we will not be despised by the Russians.

Update: New Developments.
1. Biden makes an odd and veiled statement about an international incident to challenge a young and in-experienced President. I know he didn't exactly say 'inexperience but our adversaries don't need to test an experience leader now do they ?

2. Russia is offering an air defense system to Cuba. Why now. We haven't threatened Cuba in 40+ years. What would they need to defend from air attack?

3. Russia recently flew long range bombers to Venezuela and agreed to joint naval maneuvers.

4. Russia's foray into Georgia tests their ability to shut the valve on Europe as an ally during some international threat against the US.

So how should Americans prepare for this scenario; by electing inexperienced symbolism? Unfortunately half of us suffer from visions of intellectual grandeur and hyper egos that are yet naive enough to do so in order to look in their vanity mirrors and tell themselves what wonderful and enlightened people they are.

Save your money and invest in a manufacturer of bomb shelters and survival kits.

Even though our country would be a great place without Obama supporters I simply can't bring myself to not mention this to them....

This is not an effective bomb shelter.


nanc said...

BOO! moonbattery abounds.

have a good weekend, iopian!


HoosierArmyMom said...

That looks like a portrait of my last 2 husbands!!! Brahahaha!!!!! I definitely know that guy! I've either worked for him or been married to him! LOL!!!!

IOpian said...

To me it resembles the drivers I used to commute amongst.