Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tuesday Night Prep For Sunday Morning

Alright, Palin came out swinging today in California by bringing up the Obama/Ayers association. But it needs to get brutal Tuesday night. McCain has got to stop playing the nice guy. Look he isn't going to convert any of the Obamatrons. He has got to get his base as fired up as Sarah Palin can. Enough of the gentlemanly Senatorial shtick.

What he needs to do is force the press to talk about the things they have been suppressing on the Sunday morning talk shows. Time is short. He needs to get those carrying water for Obama to spill their buckets. Employ the Jon Voight method and attack them. Think of it as taking out the enemies propaganda machine. It is unbelievable how the people actually believe that the downturn in the economy is the Republicans fault when a Democrat congress has been at the helm for two years. Not to mention that those executives responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are advising Obama. I sort of doubt the former CEO's are Republicans. There is this false image that Wall Street is exclusively a Republican domain when it is located in Manhattan? That's about as blue as it gets.

The Democrats have somehow created this illusion and it is the MSM propaganda machine that has facilitated it. Attack the press and draw into question their integrity by pointing out how they have created this lie. There is plenty of video fodder out there including the Democrat darling, Bill Clinton, saying Democrats blocked reform by Bush and McCain. It is not a winning strategy to allow this false perception to continue to exist without challenging it. McCain should use his Senatorial experience to expose how Democrats in Congress are willing to stick it to the American people in order to load an emergency measure with pork. Expose how the ones pointing the finger of blame at Republicans are using an old diversionary tactic you have seen many times in your years of experience.

Put it this way, I am an independent and so far I have seen nothing from McCain that I even consider to be that of a maverick or someone willing to buck the Washington establishment . He is running as agent of change. Attacking and calling into account the Media and Congressional methods would be a refreshing change. He needs to take spunk lessons from Palin.

In a nutshell... Fight Dammit Fight. Low blows are fine with me when our country is at stake !

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