Saturday, October 11, 2008

Barry's Birth Certificate

Obama could be required to prove his citizenship by Wednesday, October 15 if the Judge signs the proposed motion.

Then we could either put this to rest or prepare for the consequences of mass hysteria. When McCain's eligibility came into question he complied. Why won't Obama ?


CT said...

I think this will be inconsequential. The election as of now seems to be a lock for Obama. It is interesting that he is running one of the most tight lipped campaigns since Nixon. I don't know what he has to hide, but there seems to be something very suspicious. Only time will tell.

IOpian said...

ct, probably so but when you think about it this is the single most consequential question of the election. Are we just going to turn away and start letting those not qualified run our country ? Does the Constitution have any relevance any more? If a candidate for the Presidency isn't subject to the supreme law of the land then we are not a nation of laws but of wealthy powerful interests.

I don't trust polls. To do so means putting faith in the MSM and partisan propaganda machines who we know would never lie and distort reality. But it also looked like Dukakis had a real chance of winning but he lost by an electoral landslide when Bush took 40 states.

Just because people answer a poll on way does not necessarily indicate that is how they will vote.

nanc said...

i see we've been hanging about the same youtube...

do you see all the maelstrom media is trying to turn all bho's "maladies" against mccain/palin? they're accusing them of all sorts of evil.

nanc said...

"Are we just going to turn away and start letting those not qualified run our country?"

were you TRYING to be funny?


IOpian said...

I've been over at GP and VtK taking part in lampooning the minions released to spread the word of the racist McCain.

These people are so pathetic. I wish in the last debate McCain would hit Hussein with the Berg suit. Hit him with every issue he is trying to cover and get him angry spewing uh uh like a gattling gun.

But yes I am getting angry that the press is becoming even more idiotic.

IOpian said...

Not sure who I am angrier at. Obama and his stooges or McCain for not doing anything about it. My friends my ass.

McCain's problem is he is like Kerry, he thinks he was chosen because of who he is. He is just a placebo to have something in place for the anti-Obama vote.

Kelly said...

The DNC will do anything to win...they have been defeated by the narrowest of margins the last 8 years and have taken quite the pill in doing so.

Personally, I think they have been bought.

IOpian said...

kelly, yep you are right and I think George Soros has the receipt. He may have even had a hand in creating this financial mess to make good on his investment.