Sunday, October 19, 2008

Election Thoughts

Just a few thoughts on the state of the race.

1. Polls don't mean all that much. First they are extremely biased towards the left. So if Obama is but a couple of points ahead on Nov 3 then he is more than likely going to lose. Keep in minds that according to the leftist pundits Gore and Kerry needed to be spending their pre-election time measuring the drapes and get their transition teams busy. Dukokis actually appeared to be in the race before Bush handed him a 40 state landslide the next day. So polls should not discourage the McCain supporters. Keep in mind they have a huge nationwide web of dreamers with huge megaphones inherently trying to control the narrative.

2. Racism used so much it is becoming expected and meaningless because it is being used for anything that simply does not fall into lock-step with the narrative. Whites should be screaming every time the terms white-wash or white-collar crime are used just to mirror the absurdity. I am not voting against the Obama/Biden ticket because it is 25% African American but because it is 50% anti-American.

However there was a recent study that one third of Democrats would not vote for a black. I doubt it is overt racism towards all blacks but because they would never want to empower a Michelle Obama, a people that riot when they don't get their way, race baiters like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson not to mention Louis Farrakhan and a follower of a preacher than uses the Lord's name in vain in his sermons. I have elderly life-long Democrat neighbors and that alone would swing the vote to anybody but Obama. These folks are from a generation that feels duty bound to vote.

Kerry and Gore did not have to deal with this division in their party and barely lost. Had they had this problem the outcome would not have been in question.

3. McCainocrats were marginalized by their party. Hillary clearly had the rug pulled from under her and there is a good part of the Democrats that will not forgive this blatant disregard of them. So there is another large piece of the base that can't be counted on. Keep in mind this offense happened in two of the battleground states of Ohio and Florida and there may be many PUMA's still seething.

Another telling problem is the lack of enthusiasm from the Clintons to support Obama. They give him lip service as the party partisans they are but they surely do not have their hearts in it. My bet is that in the privacy of the booth they cast a vote for McCain. So there's another chunk out of the base.

4. McCain is left enough to be a viable choice for disenfranchised Democrats.

5. It will all come down to how much the Democrats can cheat which I might not be enough to offset these missing pieces of the base. Ohio is holding 200,000 registrations that are questionable and we never find out since their claim has been upheld that simply validating them will disenfranchise voters. But simply validating them will only disenfranchise bogus voters. Not validating them will disenfranchise legal voters when their vote is canceled out by these bogus registrants. Guess the Supreme Court missed that concept.

So I take all of these doom and gloomers with a grain of salt. There is hope that change may be the kind we are looking for.

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