Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

Democrat Defense Posture

The word is out that Barney Frank is wanting a 25% cut in defense spending so the Democrats wcan use the money to instead hand out to their poor urban voting base. This insures they will stay in place to be available for the midterms . This is typical Democrat SOP. Recall how Clinton left our armed forces in such a state that it tempted the islamofascists to attack us thinking we wouldn't respond. Then we have Joe Biden has spoken of a veiled crisis should Obama get elected. In another interview he mentioned that all Presidents are challenged in the beginning of their term. However, I do recall one that wore the shoe on the other foot and that was Reagan who effectively challenged the Iranians to cease and desist; they chose the former.

So I can just see it when this challenge comes. We are attacked and Obama does nothing but give a strong and eloquent speech to our enemies. To abate the criticism from the right I can just imagine him going into his messiah mode and conjuring up the comparison to Jesus who admonished his followers to turn the other cheek. Obama would do well to keep in mind that, in this world, Jesus ended up crucified on a cross. The fate of nations are in this world not the spiritual world Jesus went to on his cross.

Faux Communists with an Adolescence Fixation

Just watched a video of a FoxNews reporter confronting William Ayers outside his home. The only thing Ayers said was for the reporter to get off his property. Ayers then calls the police to protect him when he leaves the house a little later. Interesting juxtaposition here. An avowed communist getting out of a nice car and walking into a lovely brownstone home he calls his property. Private property he insinuates that he owns. So I guess not all communist are necessarily for the abolishment of private property nor do they seem to have an issue driving around in a rather nice car produced by a capitalist system.

Cotton Candy Candidate

I am not like many others in believing that Obama is going to run away with this thing nor will Nancy and Harry's dreams come true. If you factor in the extreme bias of the press and the left's propaganda machine then reality is distorted in Obama's favor. But in 2000 this same machine had Gore out in front of Bush 51-40 in mid October. Same thing happened in 2004 where the machine would leave the impression of an easy Kerry victory. We know how that turned out. My guess is McCain/Palin supporters are falling for the left's propaganda. If the candidates are just a few points apart and you use a reality factor of maybe -6% against Obama then he goes back to the Senate to get a little more experience.

What if that the predictions come true? Should we conservatives get on our sack cloth outfits and throw dust on our heads? No, we sit back and laugh at show. If the left makes a full sweep with a filibuster proof congress then the Democrats lose one key tool they have had; they can no longer blame their failures on the obstructionist Republicans. They will be exposed bare and naked of their inability to lead and there will be no where one to blame but themselves. On top of that I believe there would be a great deal of buyer's remorse when the left has no choice but to notice they elected a symbol and nothing of substance. Just like cotton candy, it looks great until you bite into it and realize it is mostly air. Midterms ought to be very interesting if this is the scenario.

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