Friday, October 03, 2008

Children Used To Be Our Future

Worst Speaker Ever Pelosi, along with those who will pay for the measure, triumphantly celebrates the passage of the $700 billion 2008 Inept Democrat Congress and Greedy Wall Street Friends Of Obama Bailout Bill. Otherwise known as the Federally Underwritten Bailout Avoiding Reform act. The FUBAR Act of 2008.

The torch has been passed from one group of non adults to another.

Here's a little perspective. The passengers of Flight 93 gave their lives to save the Capitol. Some young man or woman with young children and a bright future gave their lives fighting overseas. But when it comes to a small political sacrifice to save our country these pieces of federal fecal fornicators pack a bill with pork and manipulate its passage for the sake of their politics.

These people are human scum and we do indeed need a change.


nanc said...

iopian - look who's a recipient of fannie...HA!

IOpian said...

How appropriate .. Frank's 'lover' worked a place with the word 'fannie' in it? You know I don't care much for O'Reilly but lord did I envy him last night. He shredded Frank. Called him what he is.. a liar.