Sunday, October 26, 2008

Any Day Now ?

1. The US election is but days away.
2. Bush is still in office. Despite what Obama thinks Bush will be so until January.
3. Bush has neutered two pillars of the Axis of Evil, one remains.
4. Iran is the power source of world terrorism. Take it out and its global agents wither.
5. Gas prices are falling. People are conditioned for a rise from an attack on Iran.
6. The Iranians are threatening Britain.
7. Ahmadinejad is isn't in his right mind.,, more so than usual.
8. The Iranians may have already attempted a WMD attack on Israel and got caught.
9. The US paid $250,000 for this ship and have it in port. Not much is being said.
10. Iran has its own economic crisis and fuel problems.

I think we are experiencing the calm before the storm. The Iranians are feeling the heat and making threats against possible allies. I think something we might see would be assassination attempts on Nasrallah in Damascus, possibly even Chavez in Venezuela before the attack to create momentary chaos in leadership in those that would come to Iran's aid. I think a prudent move would be to psych out the citizens of Teheran by having someone announce, for humanitarian reasons, that people should leave the city as soon as possible along with all diplomatic missions. The goal being to cause the Iranian citizens to rise up against the mullahs and avoid a trajedy. It is prudent to keep in mind that Saddam was all bluster until there were troops massing on his border. That changed his attitude and he complied to let inspecters back in.

But this is going to happen. The Gulf States, America and those European countries with a spine will conduct this by proxy. The Israeli proxy forces should hit as hard as they possibly can. World opinion be damned. There may not be a second chance.

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