Thursday, June 23, 2005

A World Gone Stupid - Poll: In wake of raq war, allies prefer China to U.S. - Jun 23, 2005:

I like this part:

"Only India and Poland were more upbeat about the United States, while Canadians were just as likely to see China favorably as they were the U.S."

So the Canadians like China do they. They prefer a country that strong-armed Hong Kong into it's country, that represses government criticism, regulates the internet, and threatens Taiwan not just with invasion or occupation but incorporation.

Perhaps we should be more like the Chinese to make the Canadian a little more at ease. We could claim Cuba or British Columbia as inherently ours despite their not being any historical claim to them. Even better let's censure criticism of the Bush government over the airwaves, in the press and the internet. And if anybody dares to object let's gun em down and jail anybody that disagrees with that decision. Then we could shut the churhes down and jail those religious hate-mongers.

Then we'd be like China and loved by all.

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